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Research Proposal Case Study

Easy Steps to Write Dissertation Research Proposal Case Study for your paper

The idea of writing a research proposal case study is overwhelmingly difficult for you since you are totally new at this, but not to worry because there is always a guide for it. All you have to do is to search for it.

If you have reached this place then your search is at the end because this article will solve your entire problem.

Let me tell you first what is a research proposal case study?

  • You were on a date when your professor was briefing the class about research proposal and now no one is helping..poor you

Research proposal examples will provide a model format

  • Usually, it is based in social sciences.
  • In-depth longitudinal (over a long period of time) investigation of a single individual, group, or event.
  • Systematic wayS of looking at these events, collecting data, analyzing information and reporting their results as the occurrence takes place with time to time during the process of investigation taking place.
  • It can be led by themselves to the factors of self-generating and testing hypotheses.
  • Investigating a phenomenon within its real-life context, and constructing a report based on the experimental facts collected in that period of time.
  • Can be resulted in a qualitative or quantitative approach based on the data collected by the investigation team.

Why it is crucial to choose a Case Study for such field of study?

  • Seeks reasoning from specific events to generalization to the concluded results drawn out on speculations of data collected on the issues observed during the whole process of investigations done.
  • Usually offers new variables and further questioning to the hypothesis as the speculated data could be varied from time to time. An effective case study will also require an investigation properly done not just limited till your own studies but also what others may have to say to it.

Designing a Case Study for your project to secure the best position all over

  • Determine goals of study in the very first phase of your study.
  • Select a subject that would be the most unique as well most relevant for your this year’s term paper.
  • Select an appropriate method of gathering data this data so that it could built a good hypothesis for your paper.


  • usually kept to only one participant or a small group
  • should be provided with background or history of participant (may be needed to analyze or draw conclusions)

Data Collection (could be any or all):

  • documents
  • archival records
  • interviews
  • direction observation
  • participant observation
  • artifacts


  • more valid if the information gathered from more than one source
  • can lead to more questions (further research ideas)

To Justify Validity and Reliability

  • may need extensive time on site
  • use a variety of data collection sources

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