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Research Proposal Background for Constructing your Dissertation Term paper

Backgrounds of Research Proposal Framework, Rationale, Limitations: Constructing your Dissertation Term paper

The dissertation has several elements and so does a research proposal! To come up with a perfect research proposal framework, the writer has to cover every corner, otherwise, the proposal is outright rejected by harsh supervisors.

Though there is no universal standard for the research proposal background elements we can shed light on the most common ones. Based on the following eight elements, you can make a flawless research proposal framework.

1- Background of research proposal Framework:

Background of the study is where you are demanded to state the introduction to your hypothesis. Mentioning the context to the problem will clear all the questions bubbling in the mind of a reader. In the last few sentence, a brief introduction to the research proposal topic if defined. While writing the background, the writer needs to consider two things:

  • Reader’s interest in the topic
  • Lay the broad foundation for the issue that leads to the study.

For example:

I will conduct my study in a team that is within the Roadwork’s Division within the Hamilton City Council. Road works have 12 SMTs, each of which is responsible for the maintenance of roads within one geographical section of Hamilton. This particular team includes four men and a woman. Three of the men are in their thirties and one in his early 50s; the woman is in her thirties. They are assigned to an area around Chart as well. They start each day with a brief (15-45 minute meeting) on an agreed-upon site, often just gathering around the back of a truck for their meeting. I will attend these three mornings a week for four weeks and will update with the latest updates which I might get in a few days.

2- Problem statement – identification:

Definitely there is a problem or question that you need to answer in the research work you are proposing. Begin your work by identifying the thesis statement or a brief description to the problem.

For example:

In order to provide excellent patient care at a minimal cost, Middletown Hospital needs diagnostic procedures that are safe, efficient, and accurate. In addition, the procedures should not be overly painful for the patient.

3- Objectives:

That was a problem and here you will identify what you are going to do with the problem above.
“Aims to identify the situational analysis of shared leadership in a self-managing team”

4- Scope of the study:

More or less, every research is significant but when the research is important and highlighted then there are chances that your supervisor likes your proposal. So state how your study will make a difference to the research area.

5- Limitations to the study:

You are just a student and so this makes sense that you will be facing some research proposal framework limitations while conducting your research study for your term paper. Therefore, mention those limitations or hindrances that are sure to be creating problems for your research.

6- Definitions of difficult terms:

Provide concrete definitions for the difficult terms that you are sure to be suing in your research proposal and study. You can also refer to authoritative sources for the readers.

7- Literature review:

Hardest part of the job is to write a literature review. It will serve many purposes like you are well aware of the prior research studies conducted and that you have a critical eye to review the previous research work.

8- Methodology:

Mention about the methods will you be implementing to get accurate results? For this, you must have knowledge about all the quantitative and qualitative research methods.

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