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Research Proposal Application

How to manage to write a Ph.D. Research Proposal Application efficiently?

Here is a quick guideline on writing a research proposal for a Ph.D. application.

Ph.D. research proposal application writing process:

1- Background and Rationale:

In no more than 1 page, give the background details to your study. Highlight its importance to the field and/or the region it may suggest the research proposal for. You can do that by giving your opinions to the suggested research proposals listed on the link. Easy steps to connect your thoughts for a good proposal for a Ph.D. proposal.2- Aim and

2- Objectives:

Using bullet points gives the specific aim and objectives of the study. (These should lead on directly from the Background and Rationale.)

3- Method:

In no more than 3 pages outline the method for the project including, where appropriate, the experimental design.

4- Preliminary Studies, Sources of Variability, and Contingencies:

In no more than 1 page give an outline of any preliminary studies undertaken and outline any potential sources of variability and how these will be overcome.

5- Equipment and Facilities:

In half a page outline what equipment and departmental facilities will be required to complete the research project.

6- Budget:

In half a page give a breakdown of the costs to complete the research project, and provide an explanation of these costs.

7- Funding:

In half a page highlight any sources of funding that will be used to cover the costs of the research and/or any funding that has already been applied for.

8- Expected Outcome:

In half a page outline the expected outcomes of the project, the significance of anticipated results and likely publications.9. Support Statement from First Academic Supervisor In half a page explains why the applicant is suited to the proposed research project.

9- Signature of Student and First Academic Supervisor:

The research proposal must be signed and dated by both the student and the agreed first academic supervisor.

10- References

Give full references, in particular for statements made in sections Hence, you can eventually write a better piece of Ph.D. research proposal application if you will follow the above principles blindfolded.

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