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Research Project Methodology.

Research Project Methodology–Learn to Compose It in less than 60 Minutes

Are you trying to compose the methodology in the research paper and don’t know where to start?

Then you’re lucky you found us!

Here, we will not only tell you the important components of the research methodology paper but will also give you effective tips for the composition of his section which will help you compile it in less than 60 minutes.

What should the project research methodology include?

There are four main things that the

Research methodology of a project

should include:

  • Participants:
    Here, you will give the sample size from the total population that you will choose to study. You will also include who these subjects are and how they were selected.
  • Materials:
    Here you will include the materials, equipment, measures that will be used for the experiment. This also includes statistical software, books, etc that will be used for the study.
  • Design:
    What is the design that you will be using for this study? Here, you will also mention your variables along with their levels.
  • Procedure:
    This is the part where you give a detailed description of the process through which you have conducted the investigative process. Here, you will mention how you have collected the data, what you had the respondents do in a step by step procedure.

The process for writing:

  • Start with a brief introduction of the section where you will explain the goals of the research and the limitations that stand in your way. This would generally be one paragraph long with a heading of its own.
  • Next is the summary section which will include the main components of your research. This section should also be brief but can be longer than the introduction.
  • After that comes the methodology of the research which will cover the technicalities of the investigative process. You will mention here your data collection methods, software that you will be used for analysis and how will it be concluded.
Tips for Composition of Project on Research Methodology
  • Always compose this section in the past tense.
  • Provide enough detail so that the review can have a specific overview of your research but make sure that you focus on brevity and not mention details that are not directly relevant to your experiment.
  • Prepare a rough draft of the research paper methodology and get it reviewed by your supervisor so that you can deal with the potential errors beforehand.
  • Read and proofread the methodology before sending it off for printing. The computer spell checks are never as reliable which is why you need to go through the whole thing manually. Keep in mind that grammatical, spelling and typo errors are not tolerable and can lead to serious consequences.

In conclusion, go through the above-mentioned tips and procedures before you start compiling this important section for your dissertation.

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