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Research Problem

Research Problem– Why Is It Called The Heart Of A Research Report?

Why is a research problem known to be the most important part of a thesis or dissertation?

Why is it necessary to compose it before everything else?

Before we answer all that, let’s see what is research problem?

Often called the heart and soul of a study report, is the most important part of the study process on the basis of which the entire direction of the investigative process lies. Since the investigative process starts with a problem and ends with the solution of the problem, the problem statement is an integral focal point in the whole process. In another words, it can also be called the central idea of the study as it gives its readers a complete 360 angle view of the process.

Because of its magnitude in the thesis, it is essential that it be composed be utmost significance and care.

Format of the problem statement:

A good problem statement consists of three parts:

  1. The problem:
    While composing it, the is important that it answer the 5WH questions so that it caters to all the queries that the readers may have in mind.
  1. What is the problem?
  2. Who is the target population?
  3. Where is the problem occurring?
  4. Why is the problem occurring?
  5. When does the problem occur?
  1. The objectives:
    The objective of the need statement is to identify the variables that are to be studied and their treatment in the study process. The statement let the readers know the main areas in the research which should be improved and the ultimate objective is to provide the answers or remedy. For well written objectives, the following aspects should be carefully covered
  1. What are the variables that need to be investigated?
  2. How will they be measured?
  3. What is the methodology?
  4. What relationship is to be measured?
  1. The research scope:
    In this part, you justify the effectiveness and stability of the project. This part should be composed keeping in mind the readers of the thesis or dissertation because this is where you give justifications of the study and explain the outcome that is to be desired. Another important feature that is to be covered here is to answer ‘what will be the consequences if this research is ignored?’

Common mistakes that are made when composing the problem statement:

Below mentioned are some mistakes that people had made while composing the research need statement which distorts the entire direction of the report. The problem statement:

  1. does not answer the 5WH questions which makes it incomplete
  2. is not brief or concise
  3. is not related to the theme of the research
  4. is not time specific

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