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Research Problem Research Question

4 Easy Steps to Convert a Research Problem in to Research Question

Are you trying to compose a research problem statement and feeling ill at ease and scared?

Don’t know how to convert the research problem in to a research question?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

A practical problem happens in the real world but a research problem may happen in the real world or in the researcher’s mind. But to solve any problem, practical or researched, you will first need to pose a research problem for your study and from there onwards will begin the entire journey of your investigation process. A research problem that is more specified and directed in the form of a question is called a research question.

Since the research problem research question is the most important aspect of your research, it is important to develop it with careful thought and complete concentration.

A common type of research problem is the operation research problem or better known as the management science problem or the decision making problem commonly used by big organizations where they try to figure out the most effective way to make complex decisions through mathematical tools and methods.

How to convert a research problem into a research question?

After the selection of the topic follow these simple steps to convert your research problem into a research question to give your study a better focused direction

  1. The first step is to write down the general aim of your study in a broad term. For example, if you are studying about substance abuse prevention, then the main aim of your study in general terms is the prevention of substance abuse.
  2. Formulate the broad ended aim into a question. In this case the question would be ‘what can be done to prevent substance abuse?’
  3. But the question is still too general. To make it narrower, we will need to specify variables that we want to conduct our research on. In this case, our variables our teenagers and substance abuse because we are trying to determine the relationship between teenagers and substance abuse problem.
  4. Now we will try to formulate a research question with the variables present making sure that the scope of our question is narrow and focused. So now our question will be ‘What is the relationship between early childhood experiences and substance abuse habit?’ ‘What methods can be adapted to minimize substance abuse in teenagers?’

So, these are two research questions that are directed, focused and give a clear idea of the scope of the research to its viewers.

Checklist to see if your research question fulfills the criteria of a good research question:

  • Is the research question answerable?
  • Is it worthy of study?
  • Does it determine the relationship between two variables?
  • Is the research question significant?
  • Is it written in a clear, concise and brief format?

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