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Research Problem In Education

4 Smart Steps in Identifying Variables and Composing Research Problem in Education

Are you trying to complete your final thesis or dissertation in education and it is stressing you out?

Do research studies make you nervous?

Don’t panic!

With the help of a proper guideline and well-timed work schedule, you will be able to compose the entire document in no time.

Education is a field in research that is slowing gaining attention with time. With the rise in recession, many governments from developing countries have realized that the only way to secure its future is to educate the youth. Because of that, a lot of emphasis is being given to this field in research.

4 steps to writing a research problem in education

  1. Topic Selection:
    The first thing to do is to select the topic of your interest or related to your field. To explain better through an example, we will choose‘the rising rate of drop outs in educational institutes’ as our topic.
  2. Composing the aim:
    The next step is to come up with the aim of the theme. Here you will answer what the main purpose of your research is? An aim is written in broad terms and describes the overall goal of the study. The aim should not be more than 2 to 3 sentences. For example, the aim here is ‘to determine the factors that contribute towards the rising number of students that are dropping out of schools’
  3. Determining the variables:
    From the general aim, you will now need to specify your research scope but for that you will need to determine the variables of the research. Variables are factors that are constantly changing. In research, it is basically the variables that we are trying to research on the basis of which a study conclusion is drawn. There should be at least two variables in a study which can be compared together to get the result. One will be your independent variable, also known as the base variable which is mostly present in your research theme. The other is the dependent variable which changes as the independent variable changes.

Let’s see, in our case, how we can determine the variables:

  1. We know that our first variable is the dropout rate of students which is present in the theme of our research and is changing with time.
  2. We can determine the other variable by trying to figure out the factors that we can compare the independent variable with.
  3. We can compare it with the rising school fees, the bullies in the school or the standard of education. These are all your dependent variables.
  • Composing the research problem:
    Now that your variables of your research problem in education have been determined, you can now compose the research problem by answering the fiveWH questions.
  1. What is the problem? The problem is the rising rate of dropout due to increase in bullying in school.
  2. Where does the problem occur? It occurs in the local school area.
  3. Who is the target population? All the students who are studying at schools in the area and who have dropped out of school in the last ten years are the target population.
  4. Why is the issue occurring? It is occurring because students who are being bullied are scared to go to school so they cut classes and eventually drop out.
  5. When does the issue occur? The problem occurs during school time.

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