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Research Problem Example

Research Problem Example – Learn How to Formulate Effective Problems Statements through Examples

How can you compose a research question that will earn you an outstanding grade?

Let’s have a look at an example!

But before we take a look at a

research problem example,

let’s have a look at how we can compose a good research question:

A good research problem must have the following components:

  • It should answer the 5 WH questions of the research. i.e., what, who, where, why and when
  • It should explain purpose of the research
  • It should explain the scope of study.
  • it should identify the major variables of the problem


Considering these factors in mind, let’s have a few examples of a research problem for better insight.

Example No. 1:

Step 1: state the current and ideal situation:

School is a forum where students are preparing themselves for the future life. Through the school activities, they gain self-confidence and skills that will help them in being successful later in life. Interest of parents in a child’s schooling life also plays an important role in his self-confidence. The more parents participate in a child’s life, the more secure child will feel which in turn will raise his self-confidence. It is one of the ideal conditions where children’s personality can be built for future in a manner that they can tackle the challenges successfully.

Step 2: state the 5 WH questions of the study:

The aim of the research is to determine the impact of a parent’s participation in a child’s school activities to boost his self-confidence. We plan to study here that the more interest parent’s show, the more self-confident the child will be.

Step 3: state the scope and method for investigative study:

To conduct this research, we will gather the data from all the local schools in the area and attempt to conduct this research through the help of questionnaires and personal interviews that will be filled by the students and their parents.

Example No. 2:

Step 1: state the current and ideal situation:

For a college student who wants to be successful in life, it is important that he be focused in his studies and does not give in to peer-pressure and coercion. Sadly, despite having knowledge of the consequences, many students are resorting to substance abuse practices because they are intimidated or bullied.

Step 2: state the 5WH questionsof the study:

The aim of the study is to determine the factors due to which students are practicing substance abuse which has affected their studies. We plan to study what has caused some intelligent students to shift their focus from studies to substance abuse activities.

Step 3: state the scope and method for investigative study:

To conduct this study, we will gather data of teenage students from various colleges in the area through questionnaires and personal interviews.

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