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Research Paper Formats | APA, MLA Styles

Research Paper Formats

How to Format Your Research Paper in MLA And APA Style?

There are innumerable ways of formatting research papers out of which the prominent ones are APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Language Association), AMA (American Medical Association, Chicago and Turabian styles of documenting sources.

MLA and APA are the most widely used research paper format utilized in colleges and universities throughout the world.

AMA citation method is employed in research papers related to biological sciences, health and medicine while Turabian is preferred by college students and Chicago style is employed in the real world for non-scholarly publications.

APA style is preferred for research work related to social sciences and MLA format is dedicated to serve literature, arts and humanities. You can get more guidance by analyzing different research paper format examples or by downloading sample research paper format from internet.

However, here we will be discussing APA and MLA research paper format in detail.

MLA research paper formats

First page

The research paper topic should be placed about one-third down the page. The name of the writer should be mentioned in the middle of a page while the course name, professor’s name and submission date should be centered on the bottom of the first page.

Outline pages

Thesis statement would be illustrated on the first outline page. The number of outline pages depends on the number of claims you have made to back up your thesis statement. These pages are numbered in small roman numerals. The claims are to be made in the light of powerful and logical arguments to provide a glimpse of your research paper theme.


The body will analyze, interpret and assess the thesis statement in detail with the help of citations and quotes illustrated in different sub sections after the introduction. Statistics are cited with the author’s name while page numbers are mentioned in parenthesis. To present quotations in MLA style, author’s name is given in a single phrase while the page number is mentioned next to the quotation.

Works cited

Use a new page after the body paragraphs to cite work in MLA style. Capitalize every first of letter of each work and underscore the topic of books, magazines and films. You will also insert a quotation mark after the title of a poem, anecdote and article. In MLA format, the first name of the author should follow the last name of the author through a period.

APA or scientific research paper formats

Title page

You will mention the author’s name, the subject and other important information including course name, professor’s name and your institute’s name in the title page of your APA research paper format.


This is a section where you will provide a summary of your overall research work conducted in not more than 100-200 words.


Here, you will tell all the existing theories related to the subject matter of your research work along with the overall objectives of your research and the hypothesis/ hypotheses.


The methods will be reveled here which will be utilized to study the subject.


The final outcome is what you have culminated through the whole research process which will be illustrated in this section.

Conclusion and discussion

Compare your results with the formal ones to end up on worthwhile conclusion for the research paper.


You must present references depending on the type of citation style that your professor has provided you with.

Tables, Figures and Appendices

Table, figures and appendices will give a short glimpse of results you drawn out of the research process.

Therefore, the above told outline for research paper format would hopefully be very helpful for you to come up with quality research papers.

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