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Research Methodology Methods.

6 Surefire Tips for Composing Research Methodology Methods for Your Dissertation

Have you completed the investigative process of your dissertation and are now trying to compose the research methodology methods?
Are you tired of browsing online for tips for composing this section and haven’t found anything worthwhile yet?

If you think that you will be able to compose the methods of research methodology section
by pulling off an all-nighter, then you are completely wrong.

But luckily we have a few tips and guides for the research methods and methodology that will help you compose this section in less than a week.

  1. Start the research methodology with the central problem that will be researched in which the problem questions should be stated. This will help regain the focus of the readers and will also give a recap of the issue.
  2. Make sure that you give an overview of the precedent researches that have been conducted in your research area. This will not only convey that you have done your homework but will also help in justifying the topic of research that you have chosen.
  3. Give an overview of the problem by stating the rationale of the study along with justification of the theme selected and the problems that you have faced during the process. You will also mention the target audience and sample size here.

For the justification and the rationale, make sure that you:

    1. For your topic justification, make sure that you provide sound justifications for the topic that you have chosen for research. This will prove essential in satisfying your reviewers and your judging panel.
    2. For the rationale of the research technique chosen, remember that there are always a lot of techniques available to analyze the problem. Here, you need to provide good reasons for choosing the techniques that you have opted for. You can do that by providing pros and cons for all techniques available to analyze the topic and then explain the chosen method.
  1. Keep the methodology section focused and lucid by directing all material that is not directly relevant to the method section in the appendix section. For example, your questionnaires and other tables should be inserted in the appendix instead of the research methods methodology. The focused questions would bring more appropriate and reliable results for methodology.
  2. There are many students that select research topics that are too specific and unique. Good research should be able to be generalized so that it can be used for future studies as well. For that, you need to make sure that you include a section of generalization in your research methodology where you will explain how your study can be widespread.
  3. Last, but not the least, make sure that this section of your dissertation is composed in the past tense.

So, there you have six effective sure-fire tips for composing the research methodology section for your dissertation.

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