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Religion Research Papers

Great Topic Ideas for Religion Research Papers Writing

Religion research paper is the most sensitive subject to be discussed, therefore, it’s never too easy to come up with a compelling
topic for religion research papers<. Due to the sensitive nature of the subject, teachers often prefer assigning the topic by themselves but sometimes when they want to analyze the abilities of a student, they ask them to decide the topic on their own which naturally makes them go in circles.
Therefore, we have decided to suggest some non-controversial topic ideas for writing religion research papers.

On the philosophy of religion

This non-controversial topic will help you a lot in coming up with a paper unifying the concepts of all the religion in the world as the core concept of every religion is the same that is love, respect and tolerance. Other commonalities include:

  1. Peace
  2. Patience
  3. Humanity
  4. Intimacy
  5. Regard

Fundamentalism in different religions

Fundamentalism is considered equal to terrorism and many religions are facing this particular problem, therefore, this point can become the basis for unifying different religions of the world. Make sure you have provided every logical reason to adopt moderate religious practice which eradicates extremist behavior from the society. Religious extremism has been the grave concern for the world; therefore, you must also provide some feasible suggestions.

Modern science and religion

What do you think is there any relationship between modern science and religion? What do you think do they agree with each other or not? Does any of the belief of any religion can have logical meanings hidden in it? Does modern science believe in religion? You can also include the following points in your religion research papers to improve the overall quality of the paper.

  • Modern science doesn’t believe in religion because it doesn’t provide any logical reasoning to everything.
  • People living in reality always raise questions on the existence of religion.
  • Modern science has every answer to the superstitious belief of the religious people.
  • Ian Barbour s 1966 book “Issues in Science and Religion” will provide many sound argument of this subject.
  • Highlight the differences between modern science and religion such as; a religion is totally based on faith and revelations while science on logical facts.
  • Every religion has different answers for different problems while modern science always provide one powerful answer for every single problem.

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