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Quantity Surveying Dissertation

15 Powerful and Rich Quantity Surveying Dissertation Topics Which Will Pave Way for Your Success

Are you in eager animosity for quantity surveying dissertation topics are hard-to-find?

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Meanwhile, it is important to know the term quantity surveying in this context…

Quantity surveying is the field related with the different aspects of measurement and cost estimation in the construction. The current boost to construction industry has given rise to new construction trends and techniques. Hence the quantity surveying has also come a long way in its evolution. The institutes are offering a regular degree in the quantity surveying which covers many aspects of construction in the current perspective. Hence it is also a part of these programs.

Quantity surveyors are like the cost managers, for they estimate the cost of the building projects. Moreover, they also prepare feasibility and design of the building. Besides, they are also involved with the demolition, refurbishment, maintenance and the extension of a building. Not only is the construction industry involved in the construction but also in the infrastructure i.e. roads, railways etc.

The immense importance of the quantity surveying leads to more responsibility as well. Hence there should be the minimum competency in this field. Commercial management of construction and contract practice must be well studied. There should not be any lope hole in it. Moreover, construction technology and environmental services are also part of the expertise.

Most of the quantity surveying ideas must fulfill the current requirements. The climate change and the decreasing biodiversity are some concerns in the construction industry. Hardly had there been any work in this regard. Theideas covering this would be a good step forward.

The most compelling quantity surveying topics are as following:

  1. The construction laws in different countries
  2. The standard of construction and the importance of good construction
  3. Construction in the earthquake or any other natural disaster prone areas
  4. The construction economics
  5. The global recession and construction industry
  6. The management of construction industry
  7. The life expectancy of a building after construction
  8. The preserving process in the buildings
  9. The principles of measurement and description in quantity surveying
  10. Measurement of construction works
  11. The economics of building
  12. The construction management in the light of current technology
  13. The application of computer in the quantity surveying
  14. The administration of contracts in building surveys
  15. The information and construction cost cycle

After selecting the topic, the actual work of writing dissertation starts. The next step involves the careful writing of dissertation. In fact, this is the real work ahead of any research work. However, it can be overcome by a proper planning and the understanding of the research nature. During the writing of dissertation, the latest techniques and construction software must be taken in account.

None the less, some of the important steps in this regard are as following

Knowing the topic:

Whatever the topic has been selected, it must be studied carefully along with guidance from the instructors. The goal of the topic must be clear to the students so as to get an idea on what actually has to be done.

Proper research of material:

After having the complete understanding of the topic, research about the topic must be done. If the topic has been done in earlier researches or its some part, then it must also be studied.

Planning rest of the process:

Now starts the real part of the process which is to plan the rest of the work i.e. writing, proof reading and printing and binding.

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