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Quantitative Research Papers

A complete guide to quantitative research paper writing

When it comes to research paper writing, one could either go for qualitative or quantitative research paper. Qualitative approach revolves around theoretical framework while quantitative is based on factual data. Research paper writing from quantitative approach is considered quite easy because of its precise results excluding every possible rhetoric discussions. You can also search for variousquantitative research paper exampleto get an idea on how write them but if you are still facing difficulty in writing from a quantitative approach then read the following comprehensive guideline.

Comprehensive Guideline for Quantitative research paper writing

How to write the introduction?

Why are you conducting the quantitative research work? Write the literature review in order to illustrate the pertinent findings on the same subject. Mention the research question and the hypothesis in the end of the introduction.

How to write the research methodology?


Include this section only if required. If you are using population in your paper then it should be identified in this area. Write down the qualities of the population followed by sampling. Furthermore, you must also mention which type of sample you are doing such as convenience sampling etc.


You must now define the whole task in some sentences including the instruments or equipment employed in the quantitative research paper and a thorough discussion for their reliability and validity.


Here, the research design will be given in detail including how you will measure the variable such as dependent, independent or controlled variables and worth mentioning details about sampling.


The results segment will be illustrated consisting of the following points:

  1. Results can be in the form of tables and graphs but only if required.
  2. Inferential and descriptive statistics which are used to scan the data.
  3. Importance of the statistics obtained.
  4. Measure of the size
  5. How did all the important suppositions met?


The discussion part will comprise of the following two parts:


Here, you will provide what have you find so far about research questions and hypothesis while also discussing important points from the literature review. You can also place your personal points of views if your research methodology went successful or not.


Conclusion should not more than two hundred words for it will only provide a wrap up of the whole paper. It is a small recap of what you have done up till now, therefore, the choice of words should be very wary from your side so as to make sure that a single sentence has encapsulated half of the research paper. Jot down the theoretical and practical aspects of your research paper while you can also include some recommendations to cope up with the problem.

Therefore, go through the preceding guidelines if you want to come up with a worthwhile quantitative research papers.

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