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What are the recommended research methodologies for qualitative research papers?

Qualitative Research Papers

There are three main models of a research process:

  1. Positivism which deals with quantitative research methodology
  2. Critical sciences
  3. Interpretivism which deals with qualitative research methodology

Qualitative research paper writing believe in the fact that there is no absolute reality because it keeps on changing with time and this is why; perhaps, the results for qualitative analysis are different every time you conduct them, therefore, there is no definite answer for how to write a qualitative research paper.

There is no overarching outline or format for this particular research paper as it totally depends on the nature of the author and topic. Hence, we can say that there are many research methodologies employed in research papers written on qualitative approach.

What we can do is provide you with some major research methodologies commonly employed in such papers. Furthermore, you can also check out some qualitative research paper sample and example to get good idea of it.

Suggested Qualitative Research Methodologies:

Case study

Case study is study of an individual, event, group that eventually helps in proving the thesis statement correct. For example:

“Two separate groups of same characteristics individuals are put in to two rooms having different environmental conditions. Analyzing the moods for the individuals in different environmental conditions will show how many the surrounding effects on people”

Grounded theory

Another qualitative research method stresses on the theory creation depending highly on the data collection. Grounded theory involves careful examination of the field notes or corpus in order to single out the variables and their inter relationships. Grounded theory for qualitative research papers also includes:

  1. Open coding
  2. Axial coding
  3. Memos
  4. Selective coding


Another popular way of carrying out qualitative research work, this method includes a close observation of particular socio cultural phenomena in real. By and large, ethnographers go for the communities in order to carry their research process.

Content analysis

It deals with looking into different documents, text or speech in order to check out the resulting theme. It can also include political standpoints. The method of content analysis is often used by the researchers in social science to analyze the transcripts of the participant observations.

What is the basic purpose of content analysis?

Content analysis revolves around six questions and their answers, which are

  1. What is the type of data that is being analyzed?
  2. In what different ways it could be analyzed?
  3. What is the description of population from which it has been taken?
  4. What is the context of the data analysis?
  5. What were the limitations or restrictions in content analysis?
  6. What are the inference targets?

Hence, you must go through the preceding guideline in order to select an appropriate research methodology for your qualitative research papers because if you will choose the wrong research method then obviously you won’t be able to get good grades by your teacher.

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