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Qualitative Research Objectives Samples That’ll Make Thesis Writing Easy Breezy for You

Qualitative Research Objectives

Should you conduct qualitative research or quantitative research – that is the question!

Are you a student who doesn’t know which of these two research types should you be conducting for your thesis or dissertation?

If you are a student of sociology, psychology, or marketing, then you should most probably be using qualitative research methods as it gives you better insight for your study.

The objectives of qualitative research are to focus more on target audiences’ range of behavior and perceptions that drive it rather than facts and statistics that govern quantitative research.

Quantitative research objectives try to determine a relationship between a dependent and an independent variable whereas qualitative objectives study complex behavior that is difficult, but not impossible, to capture with statistics.

Because of that, the scope of qualitative research aims and objectives are far wider than quantitative and gives the researcher more freedom than its peer.

Qualitative research has originated from sociology and psychology, two fields of science that study the human behavior, their preferences and the decision making process.

But there are still several different approaches in qualitative research field. Which approach should you use for your study and how will you develop their research objectives – the core and central point of any research study?

Below mentioned are few sample qualitative research objectives for your easy understanding and application:

  1. Ethnographic Research

This type of research focuses on study of human societies and how different people act in different cultures.

Sample Objective:

    • Determine the impact of tribal environment on an individual’s personality
    • To identify the change in personality if an individual is shifted from his comfort environment
  1. Ethical Inquiry research

    This type of study tries to understand the origin of rights, obligations and how people develop the sense of right and wrong based on their environment.

Sample Objective:

    • To identify the factors that motivates people to commit crimes in the society.
    • To determine the ethical background of the students who are known to be ‘school bullies’.
  1. Foundational Research:

    This type of research tries to understand how and why the process of learning takes place amongst people of different ages.

Sample Objective:

    • To determine the scale of time it takes an average child to learn a new skill
    • To determine the scale of time it takes an individual with inability to learn a new skill
  1. Historical Research:

    It is the study of a person’s current social attitude and community structure based on his past events and experiences.

Sample Objective:

    • To determine the success rate of a couple’s marriage based on their past relationships
    • To understand the level of self-confidence in an individual based on his schooling experiences.
  1. Phenomenology research:

    This type of research is known as identifying an experience from an individual’s point of view. It tries to identity how different individuals perceive different experiences.

Sample Objective:

  • To determine the level of satisfaction of a hotel customer
  • To understand the unique experience of a mystery shopper who visits a bank branch

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