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Literature Review | What is a purpose of Literature review?

What Is The Purpose Of Literature Review In The Life Of Dissertations?

If you think that a literature review is curling up with an old novel and giving it thumbs up or thumbs down as you read it along, then you are quite wrong.

The role of literature review in a dissertation is much deeper than that.

A research study is made in order to introduce new discoveries. However, it is not quite that easy to convince people of your views unless it is backed with concrete facts, statistics, and resources. That is why you need to create literature that encompasses and compiles all the popular and authentic views from reliable sources to give life to your research report.

This is where the Literature Review comes in.

The main purpose of the literature review is to compile, organize and assess all the previous research conducted on the topic and present them in a clear, concise, and objective manner so that the reader knows the history of your research and your purpose for choosing the topic.

A literature review is that part of the dissertation that does not give provide the reader with new information but rather arranges the existing one systematically and states opinions regarding it.

Some popular sources for literature review content are journals, speeches, articles, essays, or programs.


  1. It can help you find new and interesting theories for your research project
  2. It can help you show that you possess sound knowledge and wisdom with respect to your field of research
  3. It summarizes and synthesizes the previous research studies. The summary is a recap of the important points in the research while the synthesis is a reinterpretation, reorganization, or reshuffling of the old data.
  4. It can help you connect the work of different authors to your research study
  5. It can help you show the importance of your research by assessing the gaps and deficiencies in previous studies
  6. It can help you present your ideas in the right order by focusing on less number of mistakes.
  7. It can help you narrow your research topic according to the scope of your research.
  8. The methodologies, statistical tools, and techniques can help you find methods and techniques for the present research. By analyzing the past research, you can also predict the outcome of the tests and studies.
  9. The significance of a literature review is that it helps strengthen the views of your readers with the help of citations and references from other established sources. This also gives the impression that you have done your homework for your research study.

In conclusion, do not underestimate the power of the literature review in the world of your dissertation. It is there to give more authenticity, life, and personality to your research report.

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