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Purpose Conceptual Framework

Purpose of Conceptual Framework: Move Away From the Fire Fighting Mode

According to C. Arboleda

A framework is a set of concepts that are logically and sequentially arranged to explain and predict the occurrence of a certain phenomenon. A study framework organizes different variables of the study into either independent or dependent, and guides the researcher in tabulating, analyzing, and interpreting the data.”

So, if you study this definition carefully, you will be satisfied for the need for conceptual framework but if you still want more proof, then keep on reading ahead.

Importance of Conceptual Framework

Some of the best advantages of conceptual framework for a research report are as follows

  • You Move Away From The Fire Fighting

The most basic function of the framework is to provide you with a road map or a skeleton that will guide your research. This means that there’s no more fire fighting for you as you will be prepared for all the potential problems that can occur in your thesis.

  • Avoid Inconsistencies In Standards

If you have already done proper research and homework for your study then you can make sure that all the components and aspects of your report follow a consistent format and standard.

  • Justify Procedures And Techniques Adopted By Yourself

The framework can also help you justify the techniques and procedures that you have adopted in your research with just one glance. The best way to design a graphically shape a framework is to list down all the previous researches in bullets and briefly write the methodology, technique and outcome of their studies. If you already have this prepared, then you will have quite an easy time when it is time to justify or defend your methodology.

  • Helps Build Bridge Between Theory And Empirical Research

There is a big distance between the theoretical idea that your research aims and objectives state and the practical procedure that will be adapting for your study. The framework can easily help you bridge the distance between that theory and the empirical process.

Purpose of Conceptual Framework

Some of the main objectives of conceptual framework are as follows

  • It makes the findings more meaningful.
  • It gives you an efficient mechanism for bringing together your entire thesis, even it is from isolated sources.
  • It makes the process of outcome prediction easy
  • It gives the researcher a general idea not only towards the ‘what’ of the studies but also towards the ‘why’ of the studies
  • It makes the composition of literature review easy because you have already done all the homework required for that section.

Elements fora Thesis Conceptual Framework

There are five elements that your research framework must answer. So when you are designing your framework, make sure that you keep these 5 queries in mind.


So there you have the purpose of conceptual framework, importance and benefits of conceptual framework that should convince you how importance it is to create a framework for your dissertation

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