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Psychology Research Topic

Psychology Research Topic – Types and Sample Ideas for an Effective Study

Psychological researches are one of the most popular research themes in the world. Because it tries to understand the human brain workings and decision making factors, these researches are highly sought after and are applicable directly or indirectly to almost all fields of study.

Let’s have a look at some of the different types of psychological studies and some sample psychology research topic ideas for you.

There are three basic types of psychological research:

  1. Descriptive research:
    Descriptive psychological research is one of the most popular research methods in this field which involves observing and describing the behavior of a subject matter without having an influence over it. This method is often used when the sample size of a research is high. Although this may not be the most valid type of research, as the data is usually quantified through close ended parameters, it is still very significant if the limitations of the study are understood.

Research topic in psychology examples:

    1. Effect of social media tools on a student’s grades
    2. Effect of a nurse’s attitude over recovery time of a patient
    3. Effect of individual conflicts on stress levels
    4. Effect of gender on memorizing skills
    5. Impact of media violence over the elementary students’ attitudes
  1. Co relational research:
    This research type in psychology tries to determine if there is a relationship between two variables. The relationship can be positive or negative but that is not the study’s main concern. This research is also not concerned with the fact that change in one variable may cause changes in the other variable or the overall analysis of the study. It simply wants to determine if a relationship exists at all.

Research topic in psychology examples:

    1. Effect of childhood experiences on crime rate of a city.
    2. Impact of previous experiences in divorce probability of a couple.
    3. Impact of media on a high school girl’s eating habits.
    4. Role of environment on an individual’s confidence level.
    5. Relationship between stress and physical illness.
  1. Experimental research:
    This type of research tries to determine the effect of alterations or treatment to the result of the subject variable. Here, the sample size is divided into two groups, one that receives a treatment and the other one that doesn’t. The purpose is to determine how the treatment to the variable causes the result of the study to alter. This experiment is also helpful for the authenticity of the data which is collected during the research. Because the experiment is complete process which is done under the supervision of experts to have a psychology research topic.

Research topic in psychology examples:

      • Effect of changes in eating habits on childhood obesity
      • Impact of increase in a student’s study hours on his cumulative grade point average
      • Long term health effect of age defying drugs

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