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Psychology research question

Psychology Research Question – Examples to Help You Road Map Your Thesis

If you are a student of psychology or physiology then you know the importance of research.

Researches in this field are significantly more important than the rest as these studies influence the treatment of mental health difficulties.

Since, a psychology research question is the most important and critical factor of the research report which will help you chalk out a road map for the entire report, let’s have a look at a few examples which be an inspiration for your psychological research.

But before that, let’s see why psychological studies are so important.

Research plays a huge and crucial role in the world of psychology. Without frequent experiments that researchers and scientists conduct, we would never be able to figure out the inner workings of the human brain or come up with cure or remedies for different diseases.

There are two major types in psychological research:

  1. Correlation research method: This is one of the two main types of psychological research which is frequently used to find if there is a relationship between two variables. While the research tries to see if the relationship between two variables is negative, positive or no relation exists, it does not prove that change in one variable causes change in the other one.

Some examples for this type of research question are:

  • What is the impact of drug use in teenagers and their grades at school?
  • How does early childhood experiences affect crime rate in a city?
  • What is the impact of individual differences on stress levels?
  • Does gender have an effect on memory of an individual?
  • How does environment play an important role in personality development?
  • What is the impact of dreams on an individual’s mood the next day?
  • What is the effect of upbringing on an individual’s personal ethics?
  • What is the impact of media on a female’s confidence level?
  1. Experimental research method:
    This type of psychological research is used to determine the cause and effect relationship between two variables. This is also known as simple experiment where participants are divided in two groups where one receives treatment and the other one doesn’t. The basic purpose is to see if the treatment has an effect on the outcome.

Some examples for this type of research question are:

  • Can changes in eating habits and exercise patterns decrease childhood obesity rate?
  • Can increase in homework assignments result in higher grades of students?
  • How can increase in skill set result in rise of confidence level in students?
  • How can increase in skills development programs for women raise their confidence levels?
  • Does increase in stress levels result in physical illness?
  • Does increase in media exposure result in decrease in a student’s grades?

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