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Psychology Research Proposal

30 Psychology Research Proposal Topic Ideasto Submit Your Supervisor the Best Proposal of Your Life

You are feeling as if you will become a psycho if you further spend your time searching for a good psychology research proposal topic

Good news for you since you have finally reached the point where all your worries will shed away.

Supervisors’ demands new and refreshing ideas which is, of course, a little hard to deliver since there is so much that is already done on the subject but hey, don’t worry as there is a lot more to go.

Following are some useful and interesting psychology research proposal topics that will turn all your worries into wonderment

.Psychology research proposal topic suggestions Categorization of psychology

Take a field of psychology itself and work on it. Seek different perspectives and make general research proposal ideas out of it.

  1. Cognitive psychology
  2. Critical psychology
  3. Comparative psychology
  4. Transpersonal psychology
  5. School psychology
  6. Masculine psychology
  7. Psychophysics
  8. Comparative psychology
  9. Behavioral psychology
  10. Political psychology

Psychological schools of thoughts

There is a different school of thought regarding various branches of psychology. What you can do is work on any specific aspect of it and draw out a possible research question for writing a psychology research proposal.

  1. Gestalt psychology
  2. Functional psychology
  3. Depth psychology
  4. Transactional analysis
  5. Phenomenological psychology
  6. Self (Psychology)
  7. Cognitive
  8. Individual psychology
  9. Humanistic psychology
  10. Ego psychology

More specific psychology topic suggestion

  1. Early symptoms of schizophrenia
  2. Mental and physical abuse of children
  3. Depth psychology
  4. Depression or suicide
  5. Psychological aspects included in Déjà vu
  6. Psychological factors influencing eating habits
  7. Dream interpretations: Supernatural or mere psychological factor
  8. The intricacies faced by working women in child development
  9. Nature V.S nurture
  10. Psychopathic murders: prevention and cure

Therefore, you have been presented with different types of subjects that you can work upon in your psychology research proposal. Make yourself clear about the area you want to write your research proposal on and begin writing.

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