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Psychological Research Papers

Psychological Research Paper Writing Ideas

Writing a psychological research paper some time becomes such a painstaking task for the students that they often feel like a psycho. The only thing which matters most is a great idea because without it your paper will sound very boring. Try to generate interesting ideas and if still you fails then this article is the right place for you. Go through the following article and see how much it makes a difference to your psychological research papers.

Ideas to come up with psychological research paper:

On a well-known personality contributed for psychology This idea is perhaps the easiest one because here you will just have to pick out a personality from history of psychology and write your paper on him or her. You can also compare two different individuals that contributed a lot in the field of psychology but have difference of opinions. There are so many popular personalities on which you can write your research paper, for example;

  1. Write on Harlow who conducted the wire/cloth money experiment which proved that stronger desire for affection creates very strong bonds.
  2. Roger who laid down the theory of humanistic approach.
  3. Kohlberg who crafted different stages of moral reasoning in the culmination of moral judgment.

Conduct any experiment

History is studded with psychoanalytic experiments which can be the basis of your psychological research paper topics. You can also conduct an experiment on your own but that will be a little difficult for you to handle, therefore, it is advisable that you select a worth discussing experiment conducted by a famous psychologist in your psychological research papers. The theme selection will also enhance your knowledge and expertise of the field. Popular experiments include:

  1. Asch conformity experiment
  2. The Albert Einstein experiment
  3. The Albert Einstein experiment

Work on any psychological book

Write a psychology critique research paper about any psychoanalytic book or journal article. This idea will be perhaps much easier for you as it doesn’t involve any research work. All you have to do is to go through a book and understand its concept. For instance; you can easily write on the book “emotional intelligence” by Travis Brad berry. You can also go for any journal article by visiting your university library

Therefore, there is so much that you can do in your psychological research paper but only if you have good idea in your hands. This is why; we provided a list of compelling ideas for your psychological research paper writing.

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