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Project Management Literature Review

20 Effective and Interesting Topic Ideas for a Project Management Literature Review

Even in the face of need, awareness and involvement, project results fail to get used. Implementations are resisted. People refuse to adapt their approach or shift their habits. Even in the face of compelling reasons why change makes sense, it doesn’t necessarily occur. Why?

By Mark Mullaly, PMP (November 14, 2011)

Project management is the process of managing change. Everything from the Olympics to organizing a simple function can be considered a project. Some of the important elements of project management include understanding the need of the stakeholders, building and motivating the team, making strategies and setting objectives that are to be met, monitoring the work that is being done and delivering successful results.
This may sound quite simple but is actually one of the most difficult tasks. That is the reason why employee engagement literature review, employee retention literature review and literature review of employee motivation are so popular.

So whether you are a student searching for a final year thesis topic on project management
or a newly posted manager who wants to understand project management better, below mentioned are some topic ideas that will make your research work current and significant.


It is suggested that instead of using the below mentioned topics on literature review on project satisfaction and productivity, you should try to take inspiration from them and then compose your own.

  1. What is more important in project management: technical expertise or process?
  2. The strategic role of effective communication in a cross-cultural project team
  3. Critical success factors of international development project management
  4. The effect of risk analysis on the delivery of overseas development projects
  5. Factors that help in quality control of a “green” construction project
  6. Managing stakeholder communications and expectations in an international project
  7. Change management during IT projects conducted subsequent to a merger or acquisition
  8. Constraints factors to an infrastructure projects
  9. Minimizing costs of transaction in project-based organizations: a case study on suppliers’ engagements in delivery projects
  10. Integrated construction management system for site cost problems and management evaluation with expert system implementation
  11. Developing an integrated management system for selecting method and equipment of excavation
  12. Deriving an equation for calculating the productivity of equipment’s for road projects
  13. Using a computer interactive model for evaluating and improving construction projects
  14. Improving the cost components in the reconstruction projects that have been executed through the period
  15. Deriving an equation to calculate the productivity of evaluation system for work progress by standard weights
  16. The development of a management system for controlling and following-up subcontractor work
  17. Developing a management systems for plant management with expert system implementation
  18. Developing an interactive computer program for evaluating the performance of construction management at the execution stage
  19. Developing a management information system (MIS) for controlling the execution cost of irrigation projects
  20. Using value-engineering for building a management system for evaluating the security-projects

But before finalizing the topic for your research, do not forget to find relevant articles so that they can act as a guiding factor for your research process.

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