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Political Science Research Papers

Suggested Titles for Political Science Research Papers

You can’t come up with a political science research paper unless you are interested in politics and may be this is why; students aren’t able to come up with good research paper on political science. Writing such papers demand an in depth research work along with a good topic selection. Choosing the right and attractive title is not every body’s cup of tea. However it takes a lot of time to select the title that can grab the attention of the reader the reader and also make him read the research paper completely and enthusiastically. Therefore the researcher is supposed to go through different research based article to gather heap of information.

We can categorize topics for political science research papers into three types which are:

  1. Argumentative research paper topics
  2. Analytical research paper topics
  3. Interpretative research paper topics

There are many other ways of writing a paper on political science but the preceding titles are the most preferred ones which are often assigned by the teachers. Now, we will discuss them one by one with little description along with different topic ideas for each one of them.

Argumentative research paper topic ideas:

Argumentative or persuasive research paper on political science will present two sides of the arguments that will be based on concrete research work and supporting evidences to prove your stance. For instance; if you are writing on the merits and demerits of California’s 3 strike law then you will have to mention all the pros and cons which will obviously touch both sides of the arguments. In the end of the thisscience research paper, tell the readers if you are in favor of or against the law.

Analytical research paper topic ideas:

You will be required to analyze the collected material in the light of evidences and arguments provided by various writers. For example; Relevance of the Latin America foreign policy to the United States, here you will be gathering information on the subject which will be analyzed by you but make sure the analysis is truly based on the factual data.

Interpretative research paper topic ideas:

Here, you will interpret any particular case study that is pertinent to the subject such as affirmative action introduced by United States of America to eradicate the traces of social and racial discrimination among their citizens such as; “Are affirmative action of any use?” or “All about Watergate scandal”. So you just have to work on any case study. It is also advisable that you go for a case study that is quite famous so as to maintain the interest of the reader till the end because nobody want to know about a case study they haven’t ever heard of.

Therefore, you must first decide what kind of paper you want to write and then devise a topic. This will help you to maintain a focus throughout theresearch paper based on science writing process.

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