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Physics Coursework Ideas for Students to Help Them in Selection of Suggestive Topics

Physics Coursework Idea and Help

Physics coursework requires four skills from students i.e. planning, implementation, analysis and evaluation. Whether it is a GCSE physics coursework, A level physics coursework, A2 physics coursework or AS physics coursework, students have to utilize the preceding 4 skills.

Planning let students to begin their coursework, implementation help them in obtaining results, analysis help students to draw conclusions and evaluation let students to prove their viewpoint.

Mostly, students face difficulties in coming up with ideas for their physics coursework; therefore, here are a few physics coursework ideas in order to help students in selection of suggestive topics:

Idea # 1

If you are assigned a physics coursework for a level; then, you should go for a topic that will demonstrate your analytical abilities. One suggestive idea for you to begin your physics coursework is that you measure CD (Compact Disc) track spacing with a laser and compare your result by performing the same measurement on DVD (Digital Video Disc)

Idea # 2

If you are assigned an AS physics coursework; then, you have to adopt a more practical approach for obtaining results. Following will be a suggestive topic for your coursework:

How is the resistance of a wire affected by length of the wire?

Idea # 3

If you have to come up with physics coursework for A2; then, you should come up with a topic of physics that demands investigation. For example, you may investigate the following for your coursework:

Measuring e/m of an electron

Idea # 4

Another suggestive topic regarding your GCSE physics coursework can be the following:

Physics Coursework ideas : Utilization of Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion for the Calculation of an Air Resistance

Hence, these were a few suggestions in order to guide students in their physics coursework ideas. Hopefully, students will develop ideas of their own after analyzing preceding physics coursework ideas.

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