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PHD Research Statement | How to write it?

PhD Research Statement

Guidelines For A PhD Research Statement – How Should You Write It?

  • Are you stuck while composing the research statement for your thesis or dissertation?
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Then let us help you!

A research statement is a statement that you can prove with the help of proper investigative process and evidence.

While reviewing your thesis, your PhD research statement is the first aspect that your reviewer will go through as it will explain the objective of your study.

In other words, your research statement can be considered the central focus of your report which will give an objective view of the purpose of your investigative study.

Simply put, a research statement is a road map that provides a glimpse of the rest of the report.

Composing a good research statement may seem like a difficult task to you now but with proper guidance you will be able to write a good thesis statement in no time.

How to Write a PhD Research Statement?

How to Compose a Thesis Statement:

The easiest way to compose a research statement is to list down all the important aspects and variables of your study and then structure them in the form of a statement.

Structural Styles to a Research Statement:

There are three main structural styles:

  1. One way is to define the problem and state your opinion regarding it
  2. The other way is to state the current situation and the ideal situation
  3. The last way is to look at an issue from an interesting point of view

Guidelines for Structuring the Research Statement:

  1. A good research statement consists of 2 to 3 sentences only that are concise and free from subjective words that can be interpreted differently by different people.

For example:

Street gangs can be stopped in under developed countries by provision of education, employment and skills development programs that will help divert their energies towards positive aspects of life.

  1. The structure of the research statement needs to be complex and formal.

For example:

Incorrect format for research statement:
Twitter is more of an intellectual’s social media website and facebook has a more entertaining appeal; but both are popular forums for interactive dialogues and information sharing.

Correct Format for research statement:

Although twitter attracts a great amount of intellectual audience while facebook appeals to the entertainment loving people; both these social media websites are an effective forum for interactive communication and information sharing.

  1. The statement should examine an argument which will provide the basis for your research:

For example:

Even after the extensive revenues that are contributed towards the study of this disease, cancer research has still not produced fully satisfactory results that can be proclaimed as successful which make one wonder where the fault lies.

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