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Persuasive Research Papers

Suggested Arguments In Favor Of and Against For Writing Persuasive Research Papers on Euthanasia

Euthanasia has always been in debate because of the controversial nature of the subject. Therefore, students are often assigned the topic to write a research paper on Euthanasia. It is ideal to write a persuasive research paper on Euthanasia where the results would be concluded on the basis of sturdy arguments. Euthanasia is one of the debatable issues where different views of people are not in the favor euthanasia. However this research paper would be helpful to let the people aware about it effectively. These arguments should be extracted from concrete research work and evidences to prove your stance in the paper clearly.

Following are some of the convincing arguments that you can utilize in your persuasive research papers on Euthanasia.

If you are writing in favor of Euthanasia:

  1. If it helps alleviate the pain from a persoh’s body then how could this be wrong? Everybody has to die one day and if he or she no longer wants to stay alive then they have every right to choose death.
  2. It helps a person get rid of his miseries and the aching life so what could be better than this?
  3. It also frees up medical funds to help other people.
  4. Everybody is free to choose the way he wants to live or die. He is and should not be answerable for his choices as this is something very personal.
  5. It is a relief in a sense that the chronic disease that a person is going through will eventually end up on his death so why not save him from more pain.

If you are writing against Euthanasia:

  1. Euthanasia degrades human values, life and importance. You don’t have any right to take yours unless your real death strikes.
  2. It will end up on health care cost containment.
  3. Doctors don’t pursue their degree to kill people out of their own wish. No, it is totally against the integrity of the profession and its respect.
  4. It’s wrong from every perspective its morality, ethics, humanity etc. Therefore, one should never go in favor of Euthanasia.
  5. Mercy killing is morally wrong and therefore, should never be allowed.

Final tips:

  1. You must read all the laws related to Euthanasia of that country before you actually commence writing this research paper on Euthanasia.
  2. You should opt for one side that is you can write either in favor of or against Euthanasia not on both approaches in your paper.
  3. Make sure you are not providing any contradictory statements in your research paper otherwise the reader will get confused while reading the assignment.
  4. You must be very careful for discussing religious issues related to Euthanasia.

Hence, if you want to come up with a perfect this sort ofresearch paperon Euthanasia then you must read and use the preceding arguments in your assignment.

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