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Tips and Guide to write Patriot Research Papers

Patriot Research Papers

How to Write A worth Reading Patriot Research Papers?

In USA patriot research paper is no doubt a difficult task for the students, this is why; we are here to help them out so that they can come up with a good piece of paper in no time.

Because to write a marks gaining research paper the researcher should discuss necessary and productive information.

In order to grab the attention of the reader the researcher is also supposed to gather the latest and unique information about the research topic. The guideline is as follows

First step: Writing the abstract

An abstract is the central idea of the research paper such as what were the circumstances that lead to the implementation of such act. For instance:

“USA patriot act was implemented with a view to provide security to the U.S citizens from possible terrorist attacks after the catastrophe of September, 11, 2001.”

That was a rough example of an abstract for your USA patriot research paper; you can improve it furthermore as per your own taste.

Second step: Writing the introduction

Introduce the USA patriot act passed on Oct 26th 2001. You can elaborate the abstract here by highlighting the pros and cons of the act. Furthermore, you can also tell the readers about who benefited the most from this act? Who got harmed? What were the circumstances that lead to the implementation of such act and what were the aftermaths in this research papers.

Third step: Writing the body

Body paragraph will again discuss what have already been told in the introduction but with concrete research references, evidences and powerful arguments. Here, you can also incorporate the following key points to furnish its quality a bit more.

  • You can use the reference from the provision of the USA patriot act such as, Section 215 Access to Records, Section 213 sneak and Peek Warrants Section 218 Foreign Intelligence Wiretaps and Searches, Section 206 Roving Wiretaps etc.
  • What are the provisions that supported USA patriot act while also discuss in detail that benefited from it.
  • You should also discuss which provisions didn’t support this patriot act.

You must search for the above told points and elaborate them in the body in separate paragraphs with sturdy evidences to support your stance.

Fourth step: Writing the conclusion

Conclusion is where you wrap up all the research paper in one single paragraph. If you have written against the USA patriot act then you can use the following quote to end your paper in style.

“If we surrender our liberty in the name of security, we shall have neither” (Thornburgh 2005)
An Army Manual defines terrorism as “the calculated use of violence or threat of violence to attain goals that are political, religious or ideological in nature” (Chomsky 2003 p. 605-606)

Therefore, you must follow the above told step by step guideline to come up with a grade winning research paper based on patriot.

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