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Objectives of Literature Review Survey

Why Should You Conduct Literature Review Survey Before Finalizing Your Dissertation Topic?

Selecting the right topic for your final dissertation or thesis
is not an easy task.

Your final grade and your university degree depend on the quality of dissertation you hand in which is why you need to make sure that your research report is top-notch and high quality work.

For that you need to start doing your homework from the beginning – even before finalizing your research topic.

If you want to make sure that you have chosen the right theme for your research then you need to conduct a literature review survey before finalizing your research theme.

Some objectives of literature review survey are as follows

  1. Helps identify pros and cons of previous researches and studies

One of the biggest advantages that a literature review survey serves is that it offers the researcher an opportunity to critically assess the past theories and empirical studies. By going through previous researches, the researcher will get a clear idea what he should include in his research work and what should be avoided. This way he will also come across theories that can or cannot be tested or applied.

By critically analyzing past researches, the researcher will also be able to collect references that will help him compose an authentic and significant report that is backed with proper bibliography.

  1. Suggest methodologies that can be applied to your research

One of the most important components of a dissertation is the methodology that you are using for the investigative process. The past methodologies that you will find in the literature reviews are a valuable source for analyzing methodological possibilities that can be applied to your dissertation. Here, you will be able to find the data gathering, analysis, classification and interpretation techniques. You will also find out the limitations, strengths and weaknesses of the previous studies which will help you make a strong defense for your case.

  1. Give Samples for proper presentation of your research report

The power of formatting and presentation for the research reports and grossly underestimated by research students but a literature review can help you in this case. By going through historical work, you will notice that there are a lot of authors who have composed and articulated their research very well while others have not. Some common flaws can be poor organization or formatting, use of complicated words or jargons and biasness of the researcher. Studying previous researches can alert you towards your own composition skills and presentation.

  1. Suggest publication opportunities

The main objective of a significant and unique research is that it should be able to give way to new researches. For that a researcher needs to make sure that his work is available to the right audience. By going through previous researches, you will be able to locate potential opportunities for your publication which will provide you with a broader audience and recognition for your work.

In conclusion, make sure that you conduct a literature review survey related to your field before finalizing your topic so that you compose high quality work.

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