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Obesity Research Papers

Obesity Research Paper

6 Thesis Statement Ideas for Obesity Research Paper Writing

Obesity is not a disease but can be the major cause for many major diseases. It is a medical condition in which the body fats accumulate to the extent that it becomes injurious to the health. This problem is of gravest concern in the West where junk food has now become the part of their everyday routine.

There are hundreds of other underlying reasons for obesity that you can mention in your this research paper. The researcher is supposed to gather basic and essential information about obesity to come up with real and convincing facts and figure that would make the reader read the research work completely.

Because obesity is not diseases but the bone of the students would be able to learn and explore more about obesity.

The reason why teachers assign this task to the students is to make them aware of the benefits of healthy eating habits and how to prevent this problem. Whether it is childhood obesity research paper or child obesity research paper, it is no way difficult for a writer but it has been a common observation that their thesis statements fall short to the standards.

Another problem that they face during this sort of research paper writing is the proper topic selection. There are many topics that one can write their paper on but a unique and creative title is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Therefore, we have decided to provide some thesis statement along with some topics for the students who are going in circles.

Topic idea # 1: Repercussions of obesity in children

“Obesity should be taken care from childhood as it can turn into a chronic disease leading to social and mental repercussions in adulthood”

Topic idea # 2: Major causes of obesity

“The biggest cause for the rising obesity in children and adults are the bad eating habits and lack of exercises”

Topic idea # 3: Role of junk food in obesity

“Parents and teachers should be held responsible for the rising obesity in children as they have to take care of their bad eating habits at every stage of life”

Topic idea # 4: How to treat obesity?

“Obesity can be treated by a regular intake of dietary fiber, physical exercises, dieting and a low consumption of energy-dense foods”

Topic # 5: Historical myths about obesity

“Obesity was once categorized as one of the symbols of great health, wealth, prosperity and most of all fertility in history, and still in many parts of the world in spite of our educated society”.

Topic # 6: Impacts of Obesity on health

“Excessive body weight that is Obesity can lead to various diseases particularly cardiovascular, obstructive sleep apnea, cancer, diabetes mellitus type 2, osteoarthritis”

Therefore, you can go with any one of the above told thesis statement ideas for this research paper writing. You can also modify them as according to your need.

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