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Nursing research topic

Nursing Research Topic – Ideas to Decide the Theme in Less Than 15 Minutes

Are you studying nursing and have to hand in your thesis or dissertation for completion of your studies?

Are you stressed because you haven’t even started yet?

Don’t have any clues how to come up with a research topic?

Don’t worry! We can give you a few ideas that will help you come up with fantastic research themes in less than 15 minutes. Five Interesting

Nursing Research Topics


  • Patients’ Reactions To Social Environment:
    This is a topic that has a lot of potential for research. You can study how the social environmentsaffect the patients’ speed of recovery and how a nurse exposes the patient to such environments whereby, the patient is exposed to those environments only which contribute positively to his wellbeing.Health Care Information: Health care is another subject that can be branched quite widely for research. You can study the importance of Health-care in prevention or cure of diseases and how patients’ can be educated for health care. You can create many variables for your thesis by investigating different aspects of personal and social life on the health care of patients.
  • Mental Or Physical illness:
    If you study the core physical and mental illness that the patients’ are affected with, then your research will be more on the physiological side but for nursing research you can study the impact that different variables have on physical or mental illness.Ethical issues in the nursing profession: Due to the nature of the job, there is no doubt that nurses have to face many ethical challenges. For your research you can try to investigate the potential issues that nurses can face during their careers and suggest ways to resolve them.
  • Care for elderly people:
    Thanks to advancement in technology and its contribution to improvement of living conditions of elderly people. Old people are now living longer but are getting detached from their children and families’becauso of today’s fast moving life. This is one of the serious issues that can be a great topic for research. You can study what makes the elderly people to feel ignored and isolated and how families can help them come out of that feeling. You can also research techniques for optimal care for the aged While selecting a research topic for nursing, make sure that you choose a topic where the target audience is facing a specific issue that needs to be investigated and resolved. The best way to do that is to look around you and observe the same. Also make sure that the topic is interesting

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