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Nursing research question

Tips for Formulating a Good Research Question for Your Nursing Dissertation

If you are trying to develop a research question for your thesis or dissertation in nursing, then things must be even harder for you than they are for other research students.

With fast moving developments in the medical field and new innovations each day, it is hard to make sure that the topic of your thesis won’t become useless and obsolete by the time your research is complete.

Lucky for you, we have few tips which would help you to develop few great research questions for nursing field. But first let’s make sure you know what research questions are.

Research questions are clear and concise interrogative statements that focus on relationship between two or more variables of the research. The purpose of nursing research question in a physiological study report is to determine what methods and practices can result in cure or effective treatment of a patient.

Tips for Formulating a Good Nursing Research Question

  • Browse the internet to make sure that the theme of your research question and its variables are current and significant to the field of your study
  • Before finalizing the research question, think how it will impact the field of nursing in the next five years?
  • Make sure that your study will make way to future researches in this field
  • Make sure that your research question is research able
  • Make sure that you are skilled enough and resourceful enough to work on the research question
  • Make sure that the structure of your research question is concise and clear with no subjective words
  • Make sure that when you answer the research question, you are indirectly answering the topic of your research and its main aim.
  • Make sure that your research question contains at least two variables that are measurable

But your job does not end here. After your research question has been formulated, follow this procedure to make sure that the research question that you have created is appropriate for your study.

  • Critically evaluate the question and see it makes sense.
  • Show it to your supervisor and take his opinion
  • Take honest opinion from previous students or professionals who are related to your field of research
  • Try to search the variables of the study question on Internet to see how easily you will be able to collect the required information.

Sample nursing research questions:

Some sample research questions for your better understanding are as follows:

  • What is the impact of an experienced nurse on the treatment of elderly patients?
  • How does parental migraine impact a child’s behavior?
  • How does a nurse’s behavior affect the speed of recovery of a patient?
  • What factors can determine a nurse’s pharmacological knowledge?

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