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Nursing Research Proposal Topics and Examples

20 Wow Nursing Research Proposal Topics for the Students Who Failed To Select an Interesting Topic for Their Research Proposal

Nursing is a respectable profession but when it is about writing a nursing research proposal one gets totally mad.

There is so much that one can write in a nursing research proposal and you know that very well and when there are thousands of themes that one can work upon, it becomes extremely difficult for a person to determine, which topic he or she must go for.

Therefore, we decided to compile a list of them to let them find the nursing research proposal topic of their choice fast, quick and easy.

Nursing research proposal topics example and ideas

  1. Acute Pain: Assessment and Treatment
  2. The Legal Pitfalls in Prescribing Opioids
  3. Geriatric Content for All Nurse Practitioner Programs: A Population-Driven Imperative
  4. Electronic Clinical Logs
  5. How Can I Detect the Warning Signs of Extreme Violence in My Patients?
  6. Billing Issues for Nurse Practitioners Who Provide Inpatient Services
  7. Helping Patients and Families Make Choices about Nutrition and Hydration at the End-of-Life
  8. Problem-Based Learning in Teaching Advanced Health Assessment
  9. Protecting Hospitalized Elders from Falling
  10. Medicine or love: what works the best for the patients?
  11. End-of-Life Care: Improving Communication Skills to Enhance Palliative Care
  12. Evidence-Based Practice: Understanding the Process
  13. Scope of Practice and the Nurse Practitioner: Regulation, Competency, Expansion, and Evolution
  14. Working in a Retail Clinic: What Nurse Practitioners Need to Ask
  15. Identification and Management of Metabolic Syndrome
  16. Pain Management in Patients with Opioid Abuse
  17. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Advanced Practice Nursing
  18. Nurses Integrate Cognitive Therapy Treatment into Primary Care
  19. Improving the Movement of Difficult-to-Place Patients
  20. Acute Ischemic Stroke: Evaluation and Management Strategies

The sample nursing research proposal topics in your hands now! You can select the one which you like the most out of them and get an appreciative smile from your supervisor that you were waiting for ages.


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A comprehansive Guide for Nursing Research Proposal for Nursing students

Nursing research proposals can be a difficult task. The sheer volume of information to be sorted through, and the manner in which it is to be sorted through is itself a formidable barrier to overcome. The temptation for most writers is to simply take the advice of their advisors-to follow the advice to the letter without question. However, if Nursing research proposal examples are anything to go by, this isn’t usually the best approach. The Nursing research proposal should be treated just like a business document, and nursing research paper writers need to think carefully before they commit to their work.

Before committing to any part of the nursing research proposal, a writer should make sure they understand it. This is so they can plan their work adequately. Some areas of nursing research proposal examples are better tackled early on, saving time and money when the project is launched later in life. Writing a Nursing research proposal should ideally be undertaken after the start of the third year of a graduate program.

Nursing research proposals serve as the foundation for the work that a future nurse practitioner will do. In other words, they lay the ground for future work. This applies to nurses who are about to enter medical school, on-going students, and even individuals who currently hold and are now entering nursing positions. Here’s some information for those interested in learning more about how to write and present an effective research proposal.

A Clear Idea

First of all, keep in mind that you need to have a clear idea of what you are going to write or research. You can choose to use a sample nursing research proposal as a guide. This is especially useful if you’re going to use it as a reference point for your own work. A sample might be a bit different from your current position, but it can serve as a model for your own work. It can also serve as an example for students and faculty at your school.

Nursing research proposal examples are widely available online. Many websites offer free samples for people to use for their own research proposal. These samples allow you to get a feel for what is involved in writing a good research proposal and what kind of information you should include in it. In particular, there are rules that you need to follow for submissions, such as the specific number of pages that you need to submit with your proposal and the format in which you need to submit it. The best part is, these sites will allow you to download a hard copy of your proposal so that you can closely examine it before you submit it.

An excellent place to start for a nursing research proposal is with an area of nursing specialisation. This will give you a better understanding of the needs of a specific profession within the medical field and therefore allow you to research the topics more adequately. Specialisations can often provide sample research documents, guides on writing research documents and even support services.

Grant scholarship

Nursing research proposals can be written to be used for either a grant scholarship or research project. If you are trying to get funding for a grant then you should make your research proposal as comprehensive as possible. This means including as much information about yourself and your background as possible. For grants, your research proposal should tell the person reviewing it why the research you are proposing would be beneficial to them. You should also talk about why it might be beneficial for them and what specific grant you are applying for.

If you’re looking for a scholarship then your research proposal will likely to be shorter, more descriptive and more focused on your area of expertise. In this case, it is more common for the student to talk about why they want to study nursing or what part of nursing interest them. They may even talk about their motivation for learning nursing, their academic aspirations and other reasons that help to define their work.

Examples of research proposals online

Nursing research proposal examples should be comprehensive and include all the data that is relevant to the area of interest. They should describe methods that have been proven to work and draw from a range of sources. There should be an outline of the research methodology. This will be outlined in the methodology section. If there is a balance between theory and facts, it is good form to indicate this at this point too. Nursing research proposal examples should not include any personal opinions or judgements.

Nursing research proposal examples should be researched by nursing faculty before being used. This ensures that all the facts are included in the document, and that no cherry-picking of information occurs. Nursing research proposal examples should be able to demonstrate that the research is thorough and well-researched. Nursing research proposals should be able to explain how the results of the studies will be relevant to the practice, both short-term and long-term. It is important to ensure that the document clearly details the relationship between the study and its main focus, and to show how the results of the research can be applicable to the context of the practice.

You should be able to find many examples of research proposals online. There are plenty of examples and resources available for those who are looking for specific types of research papers or reports. However, it can be difficult to know where to start and what research proposal examples to use without a source or guide. Here are some suggestions that can help you get started:

Nursing research proposals examples are often posted by student organizations at local colleges or universities. You can usually find such examples in the newspaper, online and at annual meetings. Such materials should be considered fairly low-quality, as most papers on this topic tend to be heavily edited by professional editors who work for professional academic organizations. But the same is true of student organizations, which are often much more interested in making sure their members are able to present a well-written paper and are not concerned with quality as long as the final document is properly edited and acceptable. This makes consulting such materials highly valuable, but you should always do it with caution.

Another source of research proposal examples are your instructors. Many instructors give short presentations about their topic at conferences or similar events. These can be a good way to learn about the topic in general and should give you ideas on how to present your work in an appealing manner. Your professors may even be able to give you some further recommendations about research proposal examples. In fact, many institutions allow their students to use such examples while writing their own proposal. If they are unable or unwilling to help you, try to look for someone who will – as research proposals are a matter of considerable importance to your program.

Nursing research proposal examples can also be obtained from organizations other than universities. Health organizations, such as pharmaceutical companies, often provide funding for research into new drugs. Nursing research proposal examples can be used to explain why the drug is being developed, the clinical trials it is subject to, and the expected outcomes once it has been approved. It is often necessary to have a detailed discussion on what the research is looking for in the human subject, and what their specific requirements are. Nursing research proposal examples should detail the research plan and the procedure involved. They may also be required to provide supporting data, and/or laboratory reports.

Nursing research proposal examples are useful to facilitate discussions between the investigators and the reviewers. It helps prevent points of discussion from becoming misunderstood. Nursing research proposals often detail the process that will be followed in order to obtain the final report. It should also provide enough detail to allow the reader to understand the methods and the results obtained. Nursing research proposal examples are valuable for this reason.


Nursing research proposals need to be well written, and contain detailed descriptions of methods, statistics and conclusions. Nursing research proposal examples should be comprehensive and be carefully checked and reviewed. Nursing research proposals can be used as an outline of the nursing dissertation topic, which will enable a fuller level of detail to be written. Nursing research proposal examples can be obtained from libraries, journals and internet sites. It is important to choose examples that closely illustrate the content, and use appropriate examples with appropriate conclusions to support the content.

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