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Networking Research Papers

6 Social Networking Research Papers Writing Ideas

Social networking in on the boom these days especially our youngsters have literally fallen in love with it. Therefore, when they are assigned to write social networking research papers they feel very excited and happy. There are so many social networking platforms recently emerged that have taken the world over. Thus, you can effectively target them in yourthisnetworking research papers. Although there is a lot of material available on net but still the researchers have to do a lot to choose the suitable and attractive title of the research paper and to write content efficiently. There are other themes as well on which you can effectively write your papers on out of which some of the compelling ones are listed below.

Social networking research paper writing ideas:

  1. Do you know that these social networking platforms are almost free for small business owners? These businesses effectively advertise their products on the websites as half of the world is using these sites and you can easily target them as well almost free of cost. Therefore, you can write on the advertising opportunities a business can get from these social networking platforms.
  2. Another good idea to write about in your paper is the disadvantages a business can have through social networking platforms. For example; competitors can easily spread rumors about your business to the millions and trillions of your fans. Dig out other demerits as well to write your networking research papers.
  3. You can also compare two different types of advertising mediums in your paper for example; the kind of advertising these social networks are offering is highly implicating the traditional means of advertising. You can compare both the methods in your networking research paper.
  4. You can also write on the ROI that is the return on investment. In social networking platforms, the investment in advertising is much lower than the rest of the advertising mediums. Therefore, the profit from this kind of advertising is much better.
  5. What do you think is social networking good for enhancing the social network or is it for advertising a business? You can compare both the aspects as initially these sites were launched with an aim to provide communication beyond boundaries. The main theme of your paper can be the comparison between the different used of social networking platforms.
  6. There are so many social networking sites that can be the theme for you assignments. Websites like Facebook and MySpace are the must use platforms today. You can write on how they all started, who is the owner? Write something them. You can also compare two social platforms as well in your this networking research paper.

Therefore, work on any one of the above told six ideas for writing your this networking research papers and get loads of appreciations from your teacher but make sure to first confirm the topic by your professor in order to avoid any future issues.

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