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Narrative Research Papers Tips and Ideas

6 Important Tips for Narrative Research Paper Writing

As the name indicates, narrative research paper is all about stories which are based on extensive research work. It doesn’t tell a story but it answers the famous five WH question and one H. The writing style can be bit different from the rest because there is much emphasis on the proper usage of vocabulary at the proper timings. There are many topics have to be studied in order to produce attractive idea. To grab the attention of the reader the research work should be done properly and efficiently.

At times, students don’t care about minor aspects while writing this research papers.

Important tips for writing a narrative research paper:

    1. The beauty of a research paper that has a narrative approach is that you have to write the paper in story telling style. Therefore, the topic shouldn’t be a headache for you. Next task is to write a thesis statement which should be more dramatic in nature. For instance, you can go with the following thesis statement idea.

“Can we learn the lessons of life from a person who is deaf and dumb?”

    1. This research papers beginning can be made alluring by using a hook or attention grabber. The best attention grabber can be a quote pertinent to the topic of discussion. You can also quote from any big author’s work or provide a critical comparison. All in all, here a reader decides whether to continue reading or leave the paper.
    2. There are many effective writing techniques that you can facilitate with. For example; for a narrative kind of research paper, you can use flashback writing style but make sure you are using one style in a paper so as to avoid overdoing.
    3. This is a paper in which you what will be the climax, therefore, drawing an outline will be much easier for you and it won’t take much time as well. So, craft an outline which will help you focus on the main subject like this sort of research papers.
    4. Make a frame of narration if you want to write an organized paper. It is recommended to use a frame of narration that is in chronological order as it is very common and will help you come up with this paper with ease.
    5. Research papers that are narrative in nature have to be in a flow and coherent. Therefore, make sure that the body paragraphs are all related to each other and you can not making any contradictory statements. It is a common observation that the students come up with a paper where thesis statement contradicts with the whole paper, so, here you must make sure that things are not going against each other.

Therefore, you will come up with a perfect idea of research paper based on narrative if you will follow the above told useful tips. Follow them and grab good grades from your teacher. if you need further dissertation help you may contact our experts.

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