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My Dissertation

Self-Imposed Guidelines To Help Me Do My Dissertation

The dissertation deadline is knocking on your head while you are still not into the mood of writing. No angels will come down to shower magic on your dissertation, you have to do it all on your own. Besides you can make a tight guideline to follow and strictly impose it on yourself to complete this non-ending project.

Found so many results for do my dissertation or writing my dissertation but still not able to find out the secret of writing. Well, the secret of writing doesn’t lies behind articles but within you. Ask yourself, why you are not able to work on it. Avoid procrastination and see if the following tips help and stop searching write my dissertation UK

Self-Imposed Guidelines

  1. Devise your own deadline and forget the real one, assume that this is when you have to complete your dissertation otherwise you won’t get your degree. If it’s before in august then your submission date could be much earlier than that, say March or April.
  2. Outline it thoroughly will be a good way to go about it. Wonder if the plan is not in your hands, how would you be able to decide what to include and exclude under which heading?

NOTE: don’t copy outlines from World Wide Web as dissertation outlines highly depends on the demand of topic.

  1. First draft is submitted prior to the final dissertation presentation. It is recommended to go finish first draft before the submission date.
  2. Finally, everything that surrounds you must provoke you to write with no distraction around.

Lots of reasons are there that may thwart your writing progress and you ask your friends to write my dissertation for me. Following are some of the lame excuses people often find to run away from dissertation writing, are you doing the same?

  1. Lack of proper concentration due to disturbance and a habit of wandering your mind here and there.
  2. Finding an excuse to do “SOMETHING ELSE” so that you can get a break from tiring work weren’t doing at all.
  3. Sleeping more than 12 hours a day with an excuse that you want to write your dissertation with a fresh mind. Did this strategy ever work?
  4. Instead of searching whole night, you keep on chatting with your boyfriend or girlfriend which was due to the reason that you were feeling hectic of research.
  5. Fear that I failed my dissertation and that I am a very bad writer, I know I will get failed.
  6. Relying heavily on your sister, brother or friends so that they can check and finish my dissertation.

It is all because students perceives dissertation as one of the biggest nightmares of the world that keeps on disturbing them in nights and even day time but if you want to own that degree, you have to write a dissertation whether it’s like a bad or good dream. Make a plan and stick to it!

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