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Multimedia Research Papers

25 Compelling Titles for Multimedia Research Papers

Multimedia is one of the forms of media that involves a combination of video, text, animation, interactivity, audio etc. If you have been assigned to write this research paper then you must have a complete knowledge about the latest multimedia trends rolling in the market and all the required information but before that it is necessary that you decide a topic for your paper. The tope is one of the essential parts of the research paper. Because it takes enough time to be selected, usually students get stuck while choosing it and some of them get fed up after spending too much time on finding the topic but could not do so. However, to get a good score it is essential and necessary to explore much more and innovative research that would help the reader to find it interesting. This effort of yours will also help to grab the attention of the reader and would make him read the whole research paper of yours. However, the research paper based on multimedia would also bring new findings form research work will definitely be helpful for the students themselves and will also provide sound knowledge to the reader. Multimedia is the most useable device now days. This device has made the things so easy for the people especially for the students and teacher. This device is also very common in the business world for presentation.

There are a range of titles that you can use for your research paper writing but only some of them prove to be fruitful while the rest fails miserably. This is why; we have compiled a list of titles for those students who don’t know what title should be selected for multimedia research papers writing.

Topics for multimedia research paper writing:

  1. A new boom of multimedia journalism
  2. What could be the future of multimedia?
  3. What are the impacts of multimedia on our society?
  4. What is the history of multimedia?
  5. Types of multimedia
  6. Instructional methodologies involved in the types of multi media
  7. Usage of multimedia on web pages
  8. Multimedia content types
  9. Types of multimedia conductors
  10. Databases in multimedia
  11. Interactive multimedia and its type.
  12. 3D visualizations in multimedia applications
  13. Multimedia in education
  14. What is oracle multimedia?
  15. How multimedia files are converted into different media?
  16. What is meant by multimedia technology?
  17. Major characteristics of multimedia
  18. The art of multimedia
  19. Multimedia in education
  20. Moral development using multimedia
  21. Multimedia presentation: advantages and disadvantages
  22. Multimedia cell phone market
  23. Multimedia applications
  24. Multimedia literacy
  25. Hypermedia and multimedia

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