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Multi Genre Research Papers

A Comprehensive Guideline for Writing Multi Genre Research Papers

This research papers writing is something very different from the rest of the papers as it involves coming up with different point of views and perception related to a single topic or subject. Each and every bit of this kind of paper should be based on concrete research work with proper documentation of resources. Because the researcher is supposed to put all his latest research to write an informative and knowledge gaining research paper. So that you would be able to grab the attention of the reader and this may move him reading your research work enthusiastically.

A multi genre research paper can be termed as an alternative to traditional five paragraph essays that are very commonly assigned in secondary school. Here, the total emphasis is on composition. Different genres are created to advocate a topic under the heading of a theme to produce a unified research paper that doesn’t follow the typical structure of a five paragraph essay.

To be precise, this research paper writing deals with multiple paper subjects as oppose to the linear expository research paper writing. Managing multiple themes is no doubt an arduous task for the students; therefore, we are providing those students with a comprehensive guideline for writing their assignment.

Comprehensive guideline for multi genre research papers writing:

What topic you should go for?

There are three things that you have to consider before deciding a topic for your research paper on multi genre.

  • Is it of your interest?
  • Is it a common one?
  • Is there sufficient information available over the internet?

An example of such topic could be, “Forbidden friendships”

What should be the research question?

Once the topic is decided for this research paper, you will craft a research question which will be addressed in the later part of the paper. If we take the above told example then the research question could be something like this:

“Elaborate how the author of Harlem Renaissance translated the movement?”

How to conduct the research work for multi genre?

Before you perform a research work for the paper, you must decide whether you will be adopting a persuasive or factual approach for writing the paper. In both the cases, you will have to conduct a research work. The only difference here is that in the first option, you will be providing both sides of the argument while you just have to answer the research questions in the second part.

How to put different genres in the paper?

You must use different types of genres to illustrate your point of view in the multi genre research paper. For instance; you can go for poetry and prose for writing paper on Harlem Renaissance. A genre could be anything that is related to literature, speech, music, drawing etc.

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