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MLA Dissertation

MLA Dissertation Guide –Composing Research Reports Will Be As Easy As ABC

Someone rightly said:

‘Always judge a dissertation report by its formatting’

If you think that your dissertation report isn’t judged by its formatting and structuring, then you are about to be surprised.

In the world of research reports, it isn’t enough that your investigative process should be original and significant, but it is also important that your dissertation is properly composed and structured to look professional and competent.

The style that should be used for your MLA dissertation is informed by your university or college, so that all the students submit a uniform report that looks professional and articulate.

MLA Dissertation style is one of the commonly used dissertation styles that can make your research work look proficient and adept.
Below mentioned are a few guidelines that should be followed for your research report:

Format of the MLA Research Report:

  1. The top and bottom margin of the entire report should be between 1 and 1.5 inches with the same pattern being followed through the entire document. The left and right margins should also be between 1 and 1.5 inches and should be consistent throughout the report.
  2. The MLA style does not consist of running headers which means that there is no need to add a header on every page of the report.
  3. The page numbers should be centered and placed either on top or bottom of the research report. They should be placed inside the margins.
  4. The font style and size for the document text should be consistent throughout the report. The usual type face that is used is Arial, Times New Roman, Helvetica, Bookman etc. and should be between the size of 11 and 14 points. 12 points are recommended here.
  5. The dissertation should be double spaced throughout the text of the document.
  6. The dissertation text should not be right justified and text should not be wrapped around your images or tables.
  7. Each new paragraph should begin with a 0.5 inch indentation from the margin.
  8. Each new chapter in the dissertation should begin from a new page in the dissertation but not the sub headings or the tables.
  9. The dissertation should be printed in an A4 sized clean and white page with the text printed on only one side of the document.

MLA Research Report Referencing:

  • The format that should be followed for structuring of the book referencing is as follows:

Name of Author.Title of Book,City of Publication,Publisher, Year.

  • In the reference section list the author names with last name of the author will be listed first then the first name and the middle name initial.

For example if the author’s name is James Middle Thornton then it will be written as Thornton, James M.

In conclusion, if you want your supervisors to take your work seriously then make sure that your MLA dissertation is properly formatted and structured to give an impression of professionalism and skill.

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