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Midwifery Dissertation

10 Midwifery dissertations Topics and Some Tips For Selecting A Better Topic

Many students feel difficulty in pursuing their studies in midwifery, let alone making selection of topic for the dissertation.

Do you belong to above group of students who are not only shybut are also confused how to make a selection of topic for the midwifery dissertation?

Lets first define what midwifery means and what its importance is in our social and medical structure.
Defining Midwifery

Midwifery is a healthcare profession which provides care to childbearing women during pregnancy, labour and birth and during the postpartum period. They take care of the new born and the mother. They also provide primary care to the women which includes primary care to women, gynecological examination of women, family planning and menopausal care.

In nursing profession, students may be asked to write a dissertation on any topic of midwifery.

Midwifery Dissertation and Tips for Selecting a Topic

Like any dissertation in which it is difficult to choose a topic and write it, in midwifery dissertation also students face the same problem. So it is not an exception. However, one must know the important areas for the selection of the topic for dissertation. Therefore, prior to the final selection of the topic, there are some important tips which would help students in selecting midwifery dissertation topics. These tips are as following.

  • The students must be sure that they are going to discuss one of the most important topics in the subject.
  • The dissertation on midwifery must touch some of the seriousproblems which are faced by mothers and the newborn..
  • The students must take care that their topic is specific and it is not broad in its nature.
  • If someone has chosen a narrow topic he/she must expand it through research and writing.
  • Aclear attention should be given to the traditional midwifery dissertation topics in order to know regarding their content and scope.
  • The topic chosen must be aimed at explaining the profession in greater details. The students choosethe research topic which can help to improve the healthcare of mothers and their children.
  • The students must enhance their basicknowledge for the better understanding of the subject.


In the light of the above guidance, students can choose any topic from the following given midwifery dissertation topics.

  • The role of midwife in the present healthcare enviornments..
  • Nursing and Midwifery-two identical yet different professions. Are they likely to gotogether? Or one will replace the other? What are the Prospectsofmales working in the midwifery profession?
  • Improvementsneeded in the midwifery profession in light of scientific developments in the health and childcare fields.
  • The state of midwifery in developed and underdeveloped countries.
  • Discuss the latest practicesin nursing and midwifery fields.
  • The evolution of midwifery from ancient times to modern times.
  • The relation between nursing and midwifery.
  • The role of prenatal counseling in the growth of a child.
  • Critical analysis of midwifery as the profession dominated by women.
  • How to improve midwifery services to less privileged women?
  • What is the future growth of midwifery profession?

Midwifery is a noble profession with lot of growth potentials. There could be more thought provoking topics for research in this field. Interested in further details, call us on for more Midwifery Disseratation topics.

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