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Microfinance Literature Review

Research Sources That’ll Make Your

Microfinance Literature Review

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“Microfinance recognizes that poor people are remarkable reservoirs of energy and knowledge. And while the lack of financial services is a sign of poverty, today it is also understood as an untapped opportunity to create markets, bring people in from the margins and give them the tools with which to help themselves.”

– Kofi Annan United Nations Secretary-General

The world has finally realized that the only way to economic development is by empowering the under privileged and the best way to do that is through introducing new schemes for micro finance.

This realization has initiated many new studies in the field of micro finance.

But to compose a good research, you need good research sources.
This doesn’t mean that you can use just any article or research that is published on the web or in a newspaper. For a significant research, you need articles and studies from authentic sources which will guide you to compose your thesis literature review.
“Microfinance is an idea whose time has come.”

– Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General

Before we give you the sources that will help your research on micro finance, let us remind you that these sources should only be used for reference for your micro finance literature review. If you use any part of the researches conducted here without recognizing the sources, then there is a possibility that your study may not be accepted in account of plagiarism.

Below mentioned are few great sources from which you can guide you through your micro finance literature review

1- World Bank – International Finance Corporation

Their main purpose is to find opportunities that will help enable a more economically stable environment. There are many projects that are underway to try to reach the same objectives. They can be easily found online and there are many publications and past studies that can help you compose your literature review for micro finance.

2- United Nations – Social Development Research Institute

One of the most authentic sources for financial studies that have been conducted in the past, you can find UN online quite easily. Not only do they provide books and journals that can be helpful in constructing a financial review but it will also give you an idea on the latest development initiatives that have been taken up around the world.

3- The International Association of Microfinance Investors

This organization is committed towards providing financial solutions for micro finance investors. They are frequently conducting a lot of studies on micro finance in different countries and sectors that can easily be quite fruitful in providing you with updated information on previous studies that can help you compose the literature review.

Besides these sources, you can always hit your local library and use journals for authentic

studies to help you compose your micro finance literature review


“Microfinance stands as one of the most promising and cost-effective tools in the fight against global poverty.”

Jonathan Murdoch, Chair, UN Expert Group on Poverty Statistics

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