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Microfinance Dissertation Topics Ideas & Examples

Microfinance Dissertation Topics

15 Incredible Microfinance Dissertation Topic Ideas That Will Guarantee Your Outstanding Grade

  • Are you trying to write a dissertation and can’t come up with topics?

  • Don’t you wish there was any dissertation topic that was interesting to work on and had a global impact?

Maybe this can be your little contribution to making this world a better place and if you have to go through the pain of conducting original research on any microfinance dissertation topic, why not choose one that people can refer to for years to come.

So how about a Dissertationon Microfinance? It is interesting, out-of-the-ordinary and you will find lots of relevant material easily on it.

But before we start talking about  Dissertation topics on Microfinance, let’s first see what is a dissertation.

A dissertation, or a research report, is a structured piece of writing that provides logical arguments in response to a proposed supposition. It requires the writer to conduct a first-hand investigation and examination, analyze the findings and then come up with a conclusion and recommendations.

Why microfinance? Because it is the topic of today!

Microfinance is often described as financial assistance to low-income individuals who have limited or no access to formal banks. Microfinance usually targets people who are below the national average income line. The term ‘micro’ is used here because the amount of financial assistance that is granted to the poor is in a small amount – a small loan.

This helps it differentiate from formal banks which disburse loans in big quantities mostly to the already rich people. Because of the recent global recession, governments in many developing countries are encouraging microfinancing as it is believed that it is the most effective method to reduce poverty while empowering individuals. Today there are more than 160 million people in developing countries who are being served by microfinancing institutions.

A microfinance dissertation can make a very interesting topic for your research as there are still a lot of individuals in this world who doubt the effect of microfinancing and believe that it only offers ‘an illusion of poverty reduction.

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Following are some ideas for microfinance dissertation topics that would make interesting research with a global impact

  • Impact of microfinance on child labor.
  • Role of micro financing on women’s empowerment.
  • Microfinancing part in national savings.
  • Impact of microfinance on rural poor household income.
  • Effects of microfinance in developing agricultural countries.
  • Impact of global recession on microfinancing institutions.
  • Microfinancing in improving the national economy.
  • Effect of micro-financing in third world countries’ industrial sector.
  • Effect of micro-financing in disaster mitigation.
  • Measuring social acceptance of microfinance institutions.
  • Microfinancing compared to the interest-based banking sector.
  • Microfinancing in uplifting social class.
  • Role of microfinance in developing small-medium enterprise (SME) businesses.
  • Effects of micro financing on environmental sustainability.
  • Does microfinance provide only an illusion for poverty reduction?

For a poor man who does not know from where he will find the means to buy lunch for tomorrow, microfinancing has a critical impact. The same is true for a 10-year-old boy who is forced to earn for his family. But does the process of microfinancing really works in the long run?

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