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Methods of Critical Analysis

Methods Of Critical Analysis Essay Format – Because You Deserve An Outstanding Grade!

Are you handing in all your assignments on time but are still getting bad grades?

You know that your content is better than your friend’s, so why is he getting more marks than you are?

Before you go out there and accuse your friend of nepotism, take another look at the assignments that you’ve been handing in.

How are they formatted?

Poorly, right!

If you are still under the impression that a critical essay is judged only by its content, then you are quite wrong.

At college, all work is judged by the formatting first and the content later.
So if you are handing in an assignment tomorrow, then you need to make sure that you pay as much attention to your analyzed essay structure as you did at the analysis outline.

Below mentioned are some methods of critical analysis essay formatting that is guaranteed to get you an outstanding grade.


  1. The first thing you need to take of here is that your essay should be proof read and neatly typed. Make sure that the fonts are Times New Roman or similar formal fonts in 12pt. with 1” margin.
  2. Start the essay with a cover or title page that should be designed formally. The cover page would complete the formal report look of your analysis and would also make it distinct from reports from other students.
  3. Make sure that the references that you include in the essay are properly cited and there is a separate section for the references.
  4. Also remember that all the entries in the references are alphabetized, properly spaced and structured according to the MLA style unless stated otherwise.
  5. For the formatting of the header and footer, you should include your last name and page number separated by a comma in the footer.
  6. Include your name and signature on the final page of the analysis.
  7. Make sure that the critical and important analysis structure includes an introduction, analysis and conclusion. These should be separated with headings so that it gives a neater look to the overall analysis.
  8. If you are including quotations of three or four lines in the essay, then make sure that they are single spaced and indented five spaces from the left margin.

In a nutshell, remember to make sure that your work is always proof read and formatted properly so that it looks pleasing to the eye at the first glance. Trust me, when I say that the major contribution of your work is set even before the teacher reads the content of the article. It is set by the presentation and the formatting of the work. A strong structure of the critical analysis shows that the student is well aware of what he is writing.

In conclusion, don’t let your poor formatting for methods of critical analysis, take away the outstanding grade that you truly deserve.

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