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Methodology Research Proposal

How Will I Write A Methodology In Research Proposal When I Don’t Have The Slightest Idea About It?

Looking to get the best research methodology sample over the internet to no avail?

Obviously, every research methodology is unique and different depending on the topic, therefore, you have to write it on your own whether you like it or not!

Everybody knows that the most read part of a research proposal is its methodology since supervisors are always interested to know how you will deal with the problem. Therefore, it is very important that you maintain extra focus on your research proposal methods.

There are so many research methodologies that one can employ in their research proposal. Following are some of the few research methodology examples that will help you identify which one to go for rather than going for useless research proposal method samples.

1- Literature review

A literature review is the most common research methodology types. You just have to read the sources, take out the relevant information, note down their sources, read it and analyze them in your own words. Compare your research work with them and tell the world, why your research is unique and how shall it contribute to society.

2- Conducting an experiment

One of the most complicated forms of research proposal methodologies. Here, you need to conduct an experiment in a laboratory.

3- Using questionnaires

This one is the most used research instrument. There are many other types of questionnaires that are used including open-ended, close-ended, etc.

4- Surveys

Surveys are the best way to extract information and online surveys today are doing just fine. These surveys are part of almost every research proposal methodology today. Another small piece of the methodology is polls that are taken online as well.

5- Face to face interviews

Face to face interviews is a very simple and easy research methodology i.e. meeting someone in person and discusses the issues. The person who is being interviewed is an expert in the field or they may someone who is affected by the problem.

Those were all five very commonly used research proposal methodology that is sure to be useful for you as well. Seek out more information about them and select the one which may help you dig down deep in the research process.

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