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Meta Analysis Advantages And Disavantages

Meta Analysis Advantages and Disadvantages – What has made this Method so Popular?

Why are the teachers assigning so many assignments on this research method?

Why has it suddenly gained so much importance in the field of social sciences and medicine?

This is a question that many college students have been asking nowadays.

To explain it simply, it is a quantitative method of combining results from independent studies and synthesizing conclusions that may be used to evaluate therapeutic effectiveness.

This method is rapidly gaining popularity as the results gained through this research are more accurate than the other methods and the relationship between the two variables is explained clearly.

But are you still not convinced why you are forced to study this method?

Below mentioned are some tested and given examples of the method that will make it easier for you to understand why this research method is so successful:

Advantages And Disadvantages of Meta-Analysis Methods

The use of this study is a brilliant way of making the study less complicated and reducing its breath. Some of these other advantages are as follows:

  • In the field of medicine, it is very useful in the study of those rare diseases where there isn’t a lot of data. It allows researchers to collect data from further fields that would be possible from one research group.
  • This field of study is more precise and exact than the traditional literature review which often relies on personal interpretation and can be biased.
  • This study gives weight to other researches based on their size and stability.
  • This method can be replicated by others.
  • This method detects even the smallest relationship between variables.
  • It is an excellent tool for finding patterns across studies
  • It is excellent research for determining future research
  • It is easy to generalize the information gathered which makes the analysis easier
  • The studies gathered through this method are objective and any business can be easily identified

Where there are advantages, there are also several disadvantages of the method. This method may have been popular but it is still a new field, which is why many researchers have identified many shortcomings in this method: The Advantages and Disadvantages can be found by going to the web pages of this content on this page as below.

  • This method is limited to reviewing only for quantitative research.
  • The results gathered through this type of method may conflict if different researches are excluded for different reasons.
  • The terms and validity of their operations must be clearly understood and defined before the research is completed, which is a key factor that many researchers ignore.
  • It is quite difficult to find relevant data in this field of study.
  • The data that will be used for this study must be quantitative rather than qualitative on which statistical tools can be applied.
  • One poorly conducted study can risk the entire analysis.

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