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Medical Research Paper

Effective Medical Research Paper Topics

Students don’t bother searching for a good topic for writing a medical research paper which eventually ends up on common themes. This is the reason, why; they invariably gets bad marks for them. Although, people don’t possess much in depth knowledge about famous diseases but still the topics make them feel bored. The topic would look effective when you have put all possible knowledge gaining information to grab the attention of the reader.

On that account, one should search for a disease that is not much common and write his medical research paper on it. We have therefore, decided to suggest some interesting topic and guideline on how to write this research paper.

Effective titles for medical research papers:

On sleeping disorder:

The sleeping disorder commonly known as insomnia has affected every one out of ten people. Most of the time, people even don’t know why they are going through this. The most common reason that bumps in to the head is depression and stress but there could be other possible reasons as well as there has been a lot of research work on this particular subject. There are many other causes that can be elaborated including:

  1. Depressive disorder
  2. Obtrusive sleep apnea
  3. Damaged nervous system
  4. Sleep Apnea
  5. Narcolepsy

On thyroid:

Thyroid is the glands that are found just below the Adam’s apple. It is a common disease but uncommon as far as the causes are concerned. Therefore, you can write on the topic of; what are the reasons of thyroid dysfunction? You can also write on why there is a low production of thyroid hormones in various women? What are the symptoms and causes of hyperthyroidism? Also, give a brief introduction to nodule and why it is not prone to cancer in your thisresearch papers.


This disease is totally related to the disorder in brain function. There is a slight impairment of memory which implicated the thinking function of the brain for example; you won’t be able to differentiate between reality and illusion. At extreme cases, you might hallucinate as well; it such a bad disease that might affect language as well. This is comparatively difficult topic; therefore, it is advisable that you conduct a lot of research work on it before actually commencing the paper. Furthermore, before jotting the cause of the disease, you must find out the possible symptoms. For example;

  1. Poor problem solving skills
  2. Confusion in remembering the places.
  3. Speaking and writing issues
  4. Unusual change in personality
  5. Poor logical thinking
  6. Poor judgment
  7. Mild forgetfulness
  8. Forgetting occasions and event

Don’t forget to mention three stages of this disease. Now, you can trace out the causes for Alzheimer. It will be useful if you are providing latest reports, surveys and facts related to the disease.

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