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Medical law dissertation topics

How to choose  Medical law dissertation topics a complete step by step guide

What are the best law school subjects to focus on for  Medical Law dissertation topics?

There are a few solid choices, but I find that some of my classmates and friends tend to lean towards cases involving genetics or legal issues. Genetics is fascinating and an excellent topic because of the limitless ways it can be used (and misused) in litigations. It’s also easy to express an opinion about genetic diseases through a case study.

On the other hand, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of genetic technologies through a case study is not always as effective as it could be. I have yet to meet a genetics major who is passionate about either testing or defending his/her theory of evolution.

Another one of my classmates’ favorite law school law dissertation topics is that of intellectual property rights. Intellectual property law is tricky and probably the most interesting of all the medical law dissertation topics to choose from. The subject matter is international and enormously diverse, which makes it uniquely difficult to write a concise, straightforward argument for a given position.

For this reason, many law students opt to supplement their learning with a wide variety of secondary sources that flesh out and support their main arguments. One of my sources is an excellent book, Intellectual Property Law: A Comprehensive Guide, written by Ronald D. Minkevickel, which provides extensive research and legal documentation on intellectual property rights, including the Four-Patent Act, the Uniform Commercial Code, and other important patents and copyrights articles.

Another favorite of mine for dissertation topics is family law. The area is vast and extremely complex. In addition, it involves unique personal issues like parental rights, child support, spousal abuse, and divorce. Because of these factors, family law tends to attract the least gifted students. Fortunately, there are several sources for enhancing students’ understanding of family law.

Probably the most debated areas in the legal field are criminal law topics and cases. These include murder, manslaughter, assault, drunk driving/ DUI, and a few other gray areas. Like family law, criminal law is very complex, and the problem is especially sensitive to the gender issues involved. In this case, if you choose to supplement your learning with secondary sources, make sure they deal with criminal law.

Two great sources for this area are the ABA’s (American Bar Association’s) The Uniform Criminal Justice Act, and the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Education and Research.

Medical law, on the other hand, is not as complicated as criminal law. However, because medical law deals with so many issues, it can be very involved and difficult to understand. Therefore, if you choose to use secondary sources for your medical dissertation, make sure they deal with medical law.

Two sources I would recommend are medical textbooks and law books. By law, the source should be able to give you clear and precise information about the topic. Both of these sources will help you tremendously prepare for your medical law thesis.

One other area of expertise that you might consider for your medical dissertations is a case study of the legal issues your dissertation may touch upon. This can really give you some extra material to work with, and I strongly suggest it. Why? Because a case study of the law can illustrate key points that you may be debating and can show how an issue is handled in an entirely different situation.

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