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Media Dissertation

10 Awesome Media Dissertation topics that allow you to do the following…

By: Dominic Corey

  • Very little research work required as most of the material is alreadily available in the internet.
  • Enjoy Party as you would not be required to work hard on complex topics.
  • Walk away with your degree in your hand because your media dissertation was just too good!

What is media?

  • Multimedia is the integration of multiple forms of media. This includes text, graphics, audio, video, etc.
  • To write a media dissertation, it is always advisable to start from scratch. Explain the basics to the reader.
  • Start from definition going on to the history and ending with the uses.
  • Electronic media is basically transmission tools (media) that utilize electronic energy for the end user to access content.
  • It does not require a rocket science to understand the difference between electronic media and print media.Print media is static,. and uses paper to present news and views on a variety of topics to its readers. While electronic media uses electronic medium to transmit video and audio recordings along with online content and slide presentations.
  • The history of media is vast, from telegraphs to radio to telephones to the internet.
  • All have their own unique history. Try to cover some aspect in your media dissertation because the literature review of your media dissertation would require some historical facts.

Media Dissertation topics

  • What is the best form of commercial advertising media?
  • Is the negative impact of electronic media on today’s youth over exaggerated?
  • The effects of media wars.
  • How media can be thoroughly used for corporate communication.
  • How media contributes to body image dissatisfaction amongst young women.
  • Is there such thing as unbiased media?
  • The role of the media and how it can do more to prevent racism.
  • Zionist influence in the media.
  • Propaganda through films.
  • Monopolization of TV by media moghuls.

Final Note

I hope these media studies dissertation examples would help you with your media dissertation. For more information regarding media dissertations get in touch and we’ll definitely figure out a solution to your problems.

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