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Mathematics Coursework

Elements of Mathematics Coursework

By: Dominic Corey

The task of writing mathematics coursework makes the student go in circles, the most probable reason is that they don’t know the art of playing with the numbers but this something from which you cannot run away because the subject of math is compulsory and students have to pass it, no matter what.

Elements of Mathematics coursework won’t be much daunting if you know the nuts and bolts of the assignments, so let’s discuss now some important elements of mathematics coursework.

Statement of the problem

What is the problem that you would be discussing in your mathematics coursework, it generally comes under the heading of an introduction. However you can state it independently as well. You can state your problem like this:

Sample mathematics coursework question

“All the faces of a cube is painted black, the cube is then cut into 245 smaller cubes. Find out how many cubes have 3, 4, 5 faces painted”

Therefore, your problem statement could be something like

“I am going to first discuss the cubes that are cut into 26 smaller cubes first”.

Methodology applied in mathematics coursework

The methods section would be discussing the methodology that you would be incorporating in your coursework in mathematics and use the proposed method to solve your problem.

Result of the stated problem

Whatever is the final outcome of your mathematics coursework, you will be illustrating it in the results section of it.

Evaluation of the concluded results

Here, you would be telling the readers about how you would evaluate the drawn results? This would be your personal viewpoint. Although, writing an evaluation is not necessary but it will only help you get better marks.

Further lines of inquiry

You have to provide some recommendations for the further lines of inquiries, give some suggestions that what can be done with regard to this particular topic of mathematics coursework. Again, there is not hard and fast rule that recommendations for further research work should be added but it only depends on the guideline provided to you by your institution.

We have provided you with a rough idea on what should be the elements of a perfect mathematics coursework; in the end you should consult your teachers in order to know what should be the basic ingredients of mathematics coursework.

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