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Master Research Proposal

Deadliest Mistakes in a Master Research Proposal That Leads To Rejection

Are you mad since your master’s research proposal is rejected for the consecutive third time in a row?

Backed with years of supervisory experience, I have a little knowledge about writing a perfect masters research proposal
. What I culminated in the following deadliest proposal writing mistakes that one should avoid. Master research proposal writing mistakes you must avoid!

1- Expressing problems more than solutions

The research problem is the heart of the research but what to do if there is no logical explanation for the results or we may say expected results. You must show what the problems are and how you are going to address them.

2- Proposing general solutions

There are certain problems that have been addressed so many times with no successful solution. Proposing the same general solution will not get you good grades at all. Insufficient and superficial knowledge about the problem leads to a generic solution.

3- Use of jargons and trendy language

Trendy language or the use of jargon or industry-specific keywords that are difficult for a common reader to understand should strictly be prohibited. Language is a way of communication which shouldn’t be difficult at all. Have a read of master research proposal example over the internet to see how great authors have used simple language to communicate their ideas.

4- Sloppy presentation

Your research proposal is the only way you can get your degree. If it is accepted, dissertation writing is no more a problem but what if the research proposal presentation is not good? Think about it!

5- Failed to convince the reader about three things

  • What is the purpose of writing a masters research proposal
  • How and why you are qualified to conduct the research design
  • Why the topic is significant for the research work?

Hence, if you will avoid the preceding mentioned master research proposal sample writing mistakes, your research proposal will definitely be accepted.

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