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Marketing research topic

25 Great Examples for Marketing Research Topic That Will Inspire You and Your Professor a lot

Are you a student of marketing research and can’t come up with an idea for your marketing research topic?

Is your thesis or dissertation due for submission soon and you haven’t even started yet?

Do you feel like banging your head against the wall with the hope that a great idea will jiggle out soon?

If all the above applies to you, you’re fortunate you found us!

Coming up with research themes for marketing is not hard. It is a broad field that covers everything from advertisement to brand perception which means that almost everything that is related to a product, its sales and perception is related to marketing. The new addition of social media tools for advertisement has also added a new dimension for research inthis field.

The rule for selecting any marketing research theme are that the theme should be original and significant enough to the field of research. Besides that you have a free hand in selecting the topic of your study as long it is logically researchable.

Examples for Marketing Research Topic

Few samples of research topic on marketing are as follows:

  1. Effect of subliminal messages in advertisement on product sales.
  2. Impact of product packaging on its sales.
  3. Importance of annual customer satisfaction surveys in service industry.
  4. Relationship between delay in product delivery and its sales.
  5. Impact of salesman’s personality on brand image.
  6. Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility activities on brand. image
  7. Relationship between social media marketing and brand perception.
  8. Effectsofproduct placement in super markets on sales.
  9. Relationship between decrease in luxury car prices and its sales
  10. Effectsof efficient supply chain management on company’s profit.
  11. Impact of social media tools on e-mail services.
  12. Does social media marketing have more impact than traditional marketing mediums?
  13. Effect of fashion media on health of teenage girls.
  14. How do customer satisfaction surveys affect the brand image?
  15. Impact of the initial product testing on its sales.
  16. Effect of stress on buying decisions.
  17. Impact of advertisement jingles on Corporateimage.
  18. Effect of sales force turnover on an organization’s image.
  19. Relationship between supply chain channel conflicts and corporate image
  20. Impact of customer relationship manager (CRM) on service quality
  21. Factors influencing customer loyalty in hotel industry.
  22. Effect of environmental demographics on an individual’s fashion sense.
  23. Factors influencing product loyalty in fast moving consumer goods.
  24. Effectsof gender on employee-supervisor relationship.
  25. Effect of recession on pharmaceutical products.

In a nutshell, you can either select any of the above mentioned themes for your research or you can come up with something on your own related to market research topic by observing the consumer behavior around you. One easy way to do that is to visit your nearest super market and observe the visitors purchasing patterns. Observe what attracts them to a product or what repels them. You can also approach them and enquire what marketing medium encouraged them towards the product. If you are still unable to decide what to do, just let us know your area of interest and we will formulate Marketing Research Topic for you.

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